ManCandyMonday #HappilyMarried 50+ years – you have to know how to laugh.

Fifty years for most people will be more than half of their long life. Fifty years means your partner is an integral part of YOU. Like Newman and Woodward these couples loved each other through sickness and health, in good times and bad, until death did they part, and I’m sure they laughed together every day.

The other thing to note is aging is NOT for sissies. These folks faced aging with all of its humiliations with a sense of humor and dealt with it…

Carl Reiner and Estell Reiner celebrated 64 anniversaries.imgres-1

James Garner and Lois Clarke celebrated 57 anniversaries.images-1

Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee celebrated 57 anniversaries.OssieDavisRubyDee57y

Angela Lansbury and Peter Shaw celebrated 53 anniversaries.images-2

Danny Aiello and Sandy Cohen celebrated 60 years.


My in-laws celebrated sixty-one years. Maybe not Hollywood stars but they were rockstars in their own circles. Patience, faith, love, humor, and more patience were what they taught us to live a happy and long life.

chuck and sue wedding

WTF Wednesday – Pre-Coffee Dementia… it’s a real thing!


I stood this morning in my kitchen, barefoot, robe on, eyes barely open, my body moving on autopilot. My son came in and greeted me and I stood, holding the glass cabinet door open staring at wine glasses. My feeble brain was unable to comprehend what my next move should be. I stood, frozen in time, confused. Why? Because I suffer from pre-coffee dementia. I’m copywriting that term, by the way. For those of us addicted to the little roasted bean, we know that soda isn’t the same. I need the warmth, the creamer, the aroma, the ceramic cup… which was in a different cabinet. Sheesh.

Until I’ve had a cup of coffee, I don’t people well, I can’t make decisions, and I sure as hell don’t make any plans. This is why my son chooses early morning to announce his weekend plans. No flies on him…

I stand some mornings staring at an object on my counter trying to recognize the importance of it for long moments. I believe this is why toasters pop up on their own and have a clanging bell. My brain needs a jump start in the morning. I feel best when after coffee I exercise, although that’s not always practical and let’s face it, I’m lazy. Coffee, however, is essential to my morning routine. Yes, I’m addicted, and I don’t care. I don’t drink coffee all day long, but I need one cup in the morning. It’s a rather large cup. Without it I feel bereft, dazed, anxious, and annoyed that the people around me are breathing. I shuffle, my feet not capable of taking steps, my brain not able to send the message to step, until I fall into the shower and try to rid myself of the lingering effects of the sandman.

I am sorry to say that there is conflicting research on the actual effects of caffeine in preventing dementia. I had been excited at Dr. Kivipelto’s initial research that indicated drinking coffee could decrease your chances of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Unfortunately, this study has been unable to be replicated and further studies proved inconclusive. Dammit. And you had to have 3+ cups, and I’m not sure what blend or caffeine rate they were using because let’s face it, Folger’s versus Cafe Bustelo will have different amounts of caffeine. And what about sugar versus sucralose… So many factors… Too many factors, I suppose.

However, I can honestly say that until I’ve consumed my large cup of coffee – Cafe Bustelo with three Splendas and a splash of creamer, I appear to be in a walking coma. I’m telling you, pre-coffee dementia is a real thing.

ManCandyMonday #HappilyMarried Christopher Guest and Jamie Lee Curtis

Eleven…   I shouldn’t have to explain.

JamieLeeCurtis and Christopher Guest30y

All I know is that these two are a beautiful couple and probably laugh together ever day. That makes them one of my favorite Hollywood couples and they’ve been married for 30 years.

What a great Happily Ever After…

ManCandyMonday #HappilyMarried 27 Years Mark Harmon and Tom Hanks

Twenty-seven years of marriage… By then my kids will all be out of the house. We threaten that every room with be the “naked room” so they best call before coming home. They cringe because that’s a lot of cellulite to visualize.

PamDawber and Mark Harmon27y

I’m old enough to remember Mork and Mindy. I’m old enough to love Pam Dawber and who doesn’t love Gibbs… (I try to ignore the fact that Mark Harmon freaked me out as Ted Bundy or that he looks similar to the serial killer.)  The two live privately – meaning there are no sex-tapes or personal interviews about their personal lives. I appreciate that – I’d like to think that “normal” people don’t want their lives documented and produced. When in the news they have always been polite and protective of their personal lives.


Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson – another Hollywood couple that manage to stay out of the tabloids and happily married. I absolutely LOVED them in Sleepless in Seattle and That Thing You Do. I have a feeling these two know how to laugh.

Free Aug. 14 Romance Homecomings: Memorial Day

Free on August 14 from Homecomings: Memorial Day. 

Homecomings: Sexy Shorts for Holiday Reading is the new anthology series from Ferndean Press. Featuring fun and sexy short stories and flash fiction, it’s the perfect reading material for passing time while traveling or lounging around over the holiday.

The first installment in the series is here just in time for the long Memorial Day weekend, and contains these four stories guaranteed to make your heart race in anticipation:

The Promise of More, by Tobi Doyle: Can the two men vying for Casey’s affection at a wealthy client’s Memorial Day party, make her wildest fantasy come true?

Fleet Week, by Tobi Doyle: Erin’s birthday always falls during Fleet Week, and this year is the fourth, and last, that she’s partied accordingly: collecting kisses instead of spankings, one for every year she’s been alive and each from a different man. Thomas was Erin’s first birthday kiss when the tradition began on her 21st birthday, three years ago, and he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her since, even dreaming about her. This year, he vows to end her tradition and be the only man that kisses her lips, hopefully touching her heart in the process.

Going Back, by Tobi Doyle: TJ has really only loved the girl that broke his heart in high school. When he returns home for Memorial Day years later, a rich and famous professional football player, he finds that the only thing that has really changed is that girl has grown into a devastatingly sexy woman. But there’s still one problem: will that sexy woman shatter his heart all over again, or will the secret behind their high school break up convince him to give their relationship another try?

Last Appointment, by Rebecca Barray: A small construction company owner gets stuck with a last-minute sales appointment, keeping him from what he’d really like to be doing: relaxing at home. But will the surprise waiting for him at this inconvenient appointment make him glad he came?



WTFWednesday – Watch out Santa… Putin wants the North Pole

Perhaps the Ukrainians can rest now that Putin is seeking to take on the North Pole. He’s told the United Nations that the Russian Federation has the right to exert economic control over half a million square miles of the Artic Ocean, including Santa’s North Pole.

WTF? Dude, you are SO on Santa’s naughty list… although I’m pretty sure the Russian “president” is ok with getting coal. I really hope Blitzen leaves presents in his shoes.


ManCandyMonday #HappilyMarried Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward 50 Years

I’m feeling romantic this August, perhaps it’s because my husband plans to take me travelling, including a trip to Scotland next year for our 25th anniversary. Maybe it’s because I’m having a blast with Becca Barray writing romance. It could be because our book Imperfect is going to be published by Boroughs Publishing this winter. Whatever the reasons, I want to celebrate marriages this August starting with Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward – married for fifty years.

He once said…

“I never ask my wife about my flaws. Instead I try to get her to ignore them and concentrate on my sense of humor. You don’t want any woman to look under the carpet, guys, because there’s lots of flaws underneath. Joanne believes my character in a film we did together, ‘Mr. and Mrs. Bridge’ comes closest to who I really am. I personally don’t think there’s one character who comes close . . . but I learned a long time ago not to disagree on things that I don’t have a solid opinion about.”
Paul Newman


Humor – I think that’s the key to a good marriage, but I’m only twenty-four years in…


Preview Rebound Babies Mike and Mel

We are working on the final, final edits of Rebound Babies (originally titled Rebound Baby, Triplets). I thought of this scene while waiting to pick up my son from school. Amazing where the mind wanders, eh?

He smiled and, oh my God, if Melinda’s uterus could stand up and applaud, it would have. Michael Salvatore in person was a god. Alright, truthfully he probably wasn’t quite at the god status, but he definitely had the shoulders of a man who could bear the weight of the world. Mel tried to not blush furiously in front of him but she couldn’t seem to control her hormones. Dammit, the dream was messing her up. Her body was excited. It leaned toward him, begging her for contact. She couldn’t stop herself. It was as if every single cell in her body craved this man. Why the hell couldn’t she have met him before? She tried to calm herself, reminding herself that she was pregnant with another man’s child. Surely that was a turn off, right? He was polite, too. Dammit. If only, Mel thought wryly, he could have been a douchebag, someone who spent all his time working on his body, only using his brain to calculate the grams of protein he needed to consume to increase his chest girth. And what an amazing chest the man had…