Tobi Doyle Interview 1

My very first ever interview… Eliot Parker was a sweetheart and I thank him very much for the opportunity – no matter how much I was totally freaked out. I didn’t say um a million times, so there’s that:)

RWA2016 Uber/Lyft coupons and nearby restaurants 1

Hello All, My daughter (and my money…) go to UC San Diego and she’s given me a list of places to eat nearby as well as discount coupons for Uber and Lyft. I thought that maybe other RWA members would appreciate knowing where to eat in a new city. Use this information at your own risk… I’m 99.9% sure it’s honest and true, but I’d hate to get blamed if you get a bad meal or your ride discount isn’t applied correctly. UBER – a credit for free ride if you use code – wsq68 LYFT – a credit or discounted ride or first ride free – RACHEL023907 Restaurants she recommends: Richard Walker’s Pancake house is great breakfast a couple blocks from the place. Werewolf does good brunches. La Puerta is great Mexican Phil’s BBQ is the best BBQ in San Diego Neighborhood is pretty great Hodad’s isn’t bad, it’s a cheap […]

Siobhan Rosen offers Sex God Advice that’s 100% Accurate 1

I’m older. I write romance. I even write sex scenes that are probably physically impossible. Truthfully, I’m coming up on my 25th anniversary and I can say there are many things we tried in our twenties that arthritic hips and bad knees make uncomfortable, if not downright dangerous. Sex against a wall? Yeah, I’m 5’10”, that crap never happened. Sex in a shower, sure, until I had a butt cramp/charley horse. However, I write romance – the fantasy – so sex on the beach is clearly on a beach where sand doesn’t stick to nooks and crannies, and there’s no wind to mess up your hair, or sea gulls… or children. So, when I read Siobhan Rosen’s article Having Sex Like a Porn Star on YouPorn I realized DAMN, am I glad I’m old and didn’t have THAT crap to deal with. She made me laugh at the reality of twenty-somethings and their […]


Feverborn by Karen Marie Moning – my review 1

First of all, I love how Karen Marie Moning writes. She’s amazing. I love the world she’s created with the Fever series and her Scottish Highlanders. I wish I had her talent. So, yes, Feverborn is extremely well-written but… OMG, I want to snatch her bald-headed for leaving me in the lurch at the end. It’s become a serial – which I personally hate – instead of a series. There’s not a real resolution, in fact, it ends on a call to action and then… I have to wait until 2017????? Are you kidding me????? So, if you are an obsessive reader and have just discovered the Fever series I warn you to READ SLOWLY. It’s like waiting for the next Harry Potter… and I have no patience. Yes, I love the series, but ugh…. I really prefer a resolution instead of leaving me breathless and freaked. And now I […]

WTF – Body Image Makeover 1

I was doing research on youtube – really, I was, and found this video about body image. So, here’s the thing… I don’t know any woman who loves their body. We are all insecure bags of hormones. Worse it’s summer and I’d rather sweat than swim because of these insecurities. I go to the gym, but really, I’m maintaining my weight but keeping my plantar fasciitis and low back pain in check. So, when I saw this video I was sucked in, because of the gender bending and the realization that body image sucks for everyone. Unless, of course, you’re a Hemsworth. Enjoy this Wednesday video. It’s safe for work – rather unusual for me, eh?

SamHeughan Jamie

#ManCrushMonday – Jamie Frasier makes Outlander worth watching. 1

Have you been watching Outlander this season? I have, and it’s for the mancandy… The character of Claire is becoming annoying. Quite honestly, I read the first book in the series and got about a third of the way through the second book before I gave up. I like to television show and it’s the first time I REALLY want them to stray from the book. I have a hard time dealing with Claire’s whininess and Jamie’s willingness to be disloyal, when that was the characteristic that made me fall in love with him.


#ManCandy wishing you a happy spring. 1

Nothing says happy spring like a bouquet of flowers… romantically speaking. Realistically speaking we all know it brings sinus headaches, hay fever, and a proliferation of kleenex bouquets. It’s why I prefer writing romantic fiction, because my reality, while still very nice, sometimes bites…  

The romance writer rants… @realDonaldTrump, seriously people? 1

  I write romance. Why? Because the reality of my day includes missed homework assignments, kids that get sick, a kid that has a panic attack when she gets an A-. Meanwhile, one of the kids rescued a puppy, so I’m up to my elbows in sh*t, literally. And, the man I love and adore is being hammered at work, working long hours with no end in sight. So, yeah. Give me a few moments where I can get caught up in a romance with an alpha billionaire that takes me for pasta in Venice and I don’t have to worry about the fact that my daughter’s friend’s roommate (following that?) was ARRESTED after being shot at a drug deal. In college. Not living at home. (Picture me in fetal position…) I get the appeal of Trump. I get the appeal of ANYONE not “in” politics. However, he’s a narcissist. In […]

donaldtrump weather


#ManCandy Monday – May Flowers 1

A beautiful bouquet, and he’s so cute you could bring him home to your momma…   April showers bring May Flowers, so here’s a month of ManCandy bringing you flowers. The hot guys can be found at images.

WTF Wednesday – Why are there so many transvestites at Walmart and how do I keep missing them? 1

I recently came across pix of Walmartians with an interesting theme – there was butt crack, bathing suits, and transvestites. Now, I’m completely aware that we all have unfortunate wardrobe malfunctions, thus explaining the butt crack. The bathing suits — maybe they just needed something before heading to the beach. I mean, I’ve seen folks dressed like that at my Walmart. But transvestites? Never… Where is this mythical Walmart? Some of these folks look like they would be so much fun to hang with — and some, maybe not. Honestly, three of these pictures may not be transvestites, they could just be middle-aged women with poor fashion sense. That’s the other thing, the transvestites I’ve met have fashion sense. Seriously, WTF Walmartian Tranvestites? For your viewing pleasure; Walmartians – Transvestite Issue.



WTF FoxNews? #EmoryUniversity #Trump Story is BS 1

I was SO ready to lambast the millennial attitudes that anyone who didn’t share their views was a bully when I heard that students were whining that someone chalked pro-Trump messages on campus and it made them feel unsafe. Worse, the university offered “emergency” counseling. Seriously? A twelve step program for whiny brats? But, no… I researched the story and it was WRONG. I admit I watch Fox with regularity. I like the Five at Five, and love Brett Baier. I even occasionally watch the morning program, Fox and Friends. Brett Baier’s Fox All-Star Panel members which include Charles Krauthammer and George Will, two of the greatest minds of our generation, is my favorite show. But… Fox’s love affair with Trump is disheartening – and lessening. George Will and Charles Krauthammer have NO problem expressing their concerns about Trump. However, I feel that sometimes Fox “skews” stories in Trump’s favor. […]


#WTFWednesday Celebrity Penises 1

Did I get your attention? I admit, I fell into the hole of the interweb and found this gem of an article. Some Entertainment ranked “Mistakenly Seen Famous Penises” here, and it’s well worth the read, I don’t know how they missed Harvey Keitel’s in The Piano. In case you missed it, The Creative Loafing has his and many more in this article. Although I absolutely adore the judging rubric from Some Entertainment, which includes, appearance, presentation, poise, and talent. I believe Kevin Bacon should receive the top award, because not only does he have a talented penis, he’s the spokesperson for penises everywhere. I stand with Kevin Bacon… #FreeTheBacon I know I’ve linked to this video before, but if you’ve got headphones or are alone, it’s worth a second viewing.