#WTFWednesday – TAGA stroller/bike is SO COOL!

It’s ridiculously expensive BUT it’s cool. It’s a stroller that converts into a bike for you and your toddler. I totally would have bought one – not. But that’s because I had the kids too close together and I had the two-seat trailer thing, which kind of sucked, because they were big kids and biking uphill with an additional forty pounds after chasing them at the park was… Let’s just say, my daughters learned some interesting language. What do you think? Awesome or ridiculous?

#WTF #NSFW – A fit bit for naughty bits

Um, so… I can’t even… I’m still giggling over this ridiculous item. British Condom created a cock ring that tracks the data during intercourse. I’m not sure what you’d do with that data. If you’re seriously counting sex in your overall caloric expenditures, you’ve got a problem. Will this be a hazing opportunity? Does the saying “it’s not the size of the pen, but how you use it” have NO meaning? Locker room talk could be very interesting… and yet, I think they’re missing the point that MUTUAL pleasure isn’t just about the thrust of the rocket engine. WTF? What do you think? http://britishcondoms.uk/i-con-smart-condom.html

#KingArthur Review GO SEE IT @realguyritchie is a genius

King Arthur – Legend of the Sword – My Honest Review It’s brilliant. It’s worth the price of admission, your time, and you’ll regret not seeing it on a big screen. It didn’t do great on its opening weekend and I’ll tell you why I think that is – and then why it’s probably one of the best movies I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Mind you, I LOVE movies with character depth, fabulous cinematography, and great dialogue. WHY IT DIDN’T DO WELL – from the perspective of a middle-aged romance writer and mother of three adult children. It’s mother’s day weekend – not cool to drool over Hunnam in front of the hubby and kids. It looks like it’s an “Arthurian Tale’ that Lord of the Rings fans might like, and I hated LOTR. It’s not, by the way. Not a lot of commercials that I saw (so […]

#WTF Wednesday – #NSFW

There’s an adult version of Where’s Waldo on Instagram. See if you can find the sex toy in each picture. I’ve tried – yeah – I need a life – and it’s REALLY hard! https://www.instagram.com/subtledildo/

#WTF Wednesday A new, portable Cone of Silence – no really – it’s called Hushme

I loved Get Smart. I wanted to be Agent 99. When I saw the ad for Hushme, a brand new piece of technology – with its own Kickstarter campaign – it reminded me of the cone of silence. If you don’t know Get Smart, watch the quick clip below. If you want to giggle at stupid technology, watch the commercial for the Hushme. Note that they never actually let you “hear” the Hushme working, which makes me think it’s actually EXACTLY like the original cone of silence. I especially like the end, and the actor’s adorable embarrassed smile. It can be yours for just $249. Or you could text. What’s your “favorite” piece of useless technology?  


Your countenance perfectly informs me that you were in company last night with the person who interests you at this present time, more than all the rest of the world put together. -Persuasion  

#WTFWednesday #EchoLook The #Millennials BFF

Have you seen Amazon’s Echo Look now offers the ability to take selfies, video AND give you style recommendations? WTF? Have years of participation trophies now made it impossible for millennials to operate without external validation? I can see color blind people asking, Alexa, ‘what color is this?’ but honestly, I have never heard my color blind friend asking for help AFTER purchasing an item. Even blind people have a system. Too far, Alexa… what’s next – fashion police? What do you think?


I wish, as well as everybody else, to be perfectly happy; but, like everybody else, it must be in my own way. -Sense and Sensibilities

Blush for Me by Kristen Proby… Not a valid excuse to miss work. WTF? Right?

Okay, I’m a Kristen Proby junkie. Blush for Me is Kat’s story and I’ve been waiting months to read it. And I know as soon as I’m finished, I’m going to reread all of the Fusion novels. I love her characters. I love her books. And usually I’m smart enough to plan a vacation day on book release days because dammit, my book boyfriends NEED me. Alright, I need them… I’m not complaining that she released her book today. Not really. Although, I wish she’d released it like a MONTH ago. But seriously? What about a Saturday release? Preferably last Saturday;) What do you think? What’s the best strategy for book release days? Here’s an amazon link for Blush for Me.  

#AmWriting – Intriguing Writing Prompt Idea 1

I’m taking a writing class by @sgredling and I love this exercise! She’s given us writing prompts, but in a twist we have to use ONE prompt, and flesh it for different genres. So… here’s my first attempt: Prompt: After a head injury, a young man can hear the color blue speaking. Everything blue speaks to him – the sky, blue jays, gumballs. Everything blue has something to say. Romantic Comedy: Twenty-something protagonist, goes on a first date with a woman and is distracted by the heckling blue vase which insist she’s not into him and offers really bad romantic advice. This starts him on a quest to find a way to stop the voices. His family assume the head injury has made him crazy, and try to help by working to get him committed to a psychiatric hospital. He knows this because the blue things in the room have […]

WTF Wednesday… If you need this, you need an intervention! 1

I like gadgets as much as the next guy, but… um, this is too much. A fit bit for your dog? WTF? A hundred bucks so you can check the fitness level of your DOG?!? Now, I love dogs, actually I love most animals (not crazy about snakes), but if you’ve got a hundred bucks, might I suggest donating the Benjamin to the animal shelter, or even a food bank. For realsies, WTF? You can find this, available in many colors, at Grommet.  Meet Jessie, my wonder dog. A rescue and incredible snuggler.

ManCandy Motivation Monday 1

Stuart Reardon – because some Mondays I need motivation to get in the shower and get the day started. You’re welcome.