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It’s finally here… it’s taken a while for me to write Jason’s Happily Ever After. I was inspired by Maroon5’s song ““It was Always You” from the album Maps. I loved the idea that Jason falls in love with a woman he’s known forever. Over the summer the story flourished in my brain […]

Lyn’s Song – Love at First Slight Novella – book ...

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So, when I came upon this little commercial thanks to TastefullyOffensive’s Tumblr I thought, that can’t be for real… but a short search on for the Squatty Potty and I found out it is!!! WTF?!? YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO – it’s probably not safe for work… Unless […]

WTF Wednesday #SquattyPotty – it is for real!

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I realize this is a day late, but it’s certainly not a dollar short. I’m staying with my sister in beautiful Maine for a couple of weeks and loving the crisp, cool weather of autumn and the very attractive sweaters. After purses, sweaters are my next weakness. Enjoy ManCandy in sweaters… […]

ManCandyMonday – #SweaterCandy

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Rebecca Barray and I are very happy to have a book coming out this Christmas with Borough’s Publishing called Good Hair Days. While I normally don’t write paranormal, this one features the ghost of my Great-Aunt Mary who offers sage advice to Paige. This was the first work that Rebecca and […]

#NaNoWriMo – I’m ready for you…

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Adorable and yet oh-so-creepy, right? Hope you have a happy Halloween. It drives me crazy that it isn’t “celebrated” on October 31 for children, instead they pick a school day. WTF, right? Talk about the woosification of children. Man, we went out in princess costumes with high heels, no coat, […]

WTF! Worst but best costume idea ever!

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Cillian Murphy, another beautiful Irish actor who plays scary so well. He has an amazing face, pure and innocent in some pictures and yet if those blue eyes were glaring at me, I’d be intimidated. Leaving you with my final picture of scary hotness – a vampire who could bite […]

ManCandyMonday Scary Hotness

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I just finished the first draft of Lyn’s Song. A novella featuring rocker Jason Campbell and Lyn Priestly. He’s famous now, but she knew him long ago when he was just her brother’s best friend. Jason’s blames himself for her brother’s accidental death. Unable to face her, he left and […]

Lyn’s Song Cover Reveal