If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you just got sucked into either attending or hosting a Superbowl party. Fear not, my friend, I have your back. First, for those clueless, here’s the Superbowl info you might need to know. I have hostess tips numbered below. Guaranteed, one run to your […]

Everything you need for #Superbowl2016

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You picked me up when I fell, and didn’t laugh. Not even a smirk… You aren’t afraid of my ugly-crying face. You checked the closet for the monster and never asked me to watch a Stephen King movie again. You love our children as much as I do. You make me […]

#FlashFictionFriday I Love You Because…

Richard Simmons… What can we say about him? He is amazing, well, perhaps astounding is a better word. He did get my grandmother up and moving, and I do remember being a kid and working out with her in my family room. He’s a lovely man and truly interested in health […]

WTF Wednesday… Richard Simmons is FREAKIN’ HILARIOUS

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Meet Joe. Joe is fun, flirty, sexy, and so much more complicated… Actually the model’s name is Rodiney Santiago and he has an amazing website at http://rodineysantiago.com/ or here on twitter. Yum. He’s also the inspiration for my latest hero in my work-in-progress, tentatively titled Still Waters. Of course, in the book […]

#Snowmeggedon made me write… #ManCandyMonday

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If you are in the Mid-Atlantic, like me, or the East coast, it’s time to load up your Kindle before you lose your power and internet. If I’m going to be huddled in a blanket next to a fireplace, I want my book boyfriends with me. I thought I’d share […]

#GreatRead – So what if it’s snowing, my book BF ...

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I’m not even sure how I found the website, but it’s real. Indiana University researched women’s orgasms, specifically what works and what doesn’t and compiled the data for you. For a low one-time fee of $39.00 you too can become the sex-god or goddess you’ve always wanted to be. They […]

WTF Wednesday – OMGYES.com – your tax dollars at work.

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  My New Year’s Resolution this year to be more like Flo. She’s perky, funny, and has great lines like sprinkles are for winners. My personal goal is to be healthier (yeah, lose weight yada-yada-yada). Professionally, there are two manuscripts that I’m dying to plot and write with Rebecca. Not that we won’t write […]

New Year’s Resolution… #GoWithFlo

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Admittedly this picture makes me giggle, for all the wrong reasons. Why is his “package” glowing? And again… did he not eat ANY holiday cookies? Admittedly I have an unspoken deal with my husband — he has to gain more weight than I do. It’s not a healthy idea, but […]

Holiday ManCandy

Free today: The Fourth Christmas – Bree Cantor knew Eric was her one and only since she was twelve… It took years for the idiot to figure it out. A sweet and funny romance. Free always: Jason and Laura – on smashwords. Laura meets sexy rocker Jason, and finds her […]

Merry Christmas… #FreeBooks #FreeRomance Today!

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                                   Donnie “Ruin” Walsh the image….                         Donnie “Ruin” Walsh the reality. So… my son had an appendectomy last Thursday, which led to […]

#WTFWednesday Why people LOVE romance…