#WTFWednesday – Looking for someone other than my wife????? #BadCommercials

So, my mother always told me nothing good happens after midnight.  Hmm, she has a point.  I stayed up late one night and watched a commercial that had my jaw dropping – and no, it wasn’t the bacon bowl.  If you so desire, you can check out the commercial on youtube here.  The tagline for AshleyMadison.com is “I’m looking for someone other than my wife.”  Yeah – so WTF?  Google AshleyMadison reviews and you’ll find that “shocker” some people complain they’re a scam.  The commercial is so cheesy and surprising that I thought it was a joke, but no, it’s a dating website for married people looking to have affairs.  Hmm. there’s an interesting book plot in there, I’m sure.  Perhaps a twist on Rupert Holmes song, Escape, from the 80’s.  Check out this really old video of Rupert Holmes signing it on the Village People’s Show.  (When did they have a show?  Man, I wish my parents had cable when I was a kid!)

Don’t Forget to get your free copy of The New Boris by November 15th on Amazon.

Click here to get your free copy of The New Boris Nov. 14th and 15th on Amazon.com.    A fun sexy read to keep you interested during the drive to Grandma’s over Thanksgiving Weekend.  Hope you enjoy.

If I were to write a sequel, um – Viggo Mortensen from Eastern Promises would definitely be my muse.  Ohmigod…  He’s so sexy!

Viggo as Nikolai

Maslow’s Serum – Nanowrimo project update

Here’s another sneak peek of Maslow’s Serum.


There was a time when the school ground held screaming children, excitedly running through the playground.  Now the slides were removed, the swing set stood like a skeleton, no seat for a child to sit.  It was too dangerous.  Children rarely left home anyway.  It was too dangerous.

At first, the virus was considered to be a mild threat which only effected the weak and elderly.  A culling of the herd for a world population that exceeded the natural resources.  That was until a week after Easter and two hundred thousand people died in the city of Chicago alone.  Tokyo was hit hard, reportedly losing four hundred thousand; followed by the other major cities.  People emigrated to the country but that didn’t slow the virus, it simply spread it further.

No one left their homes for weeks.  Whether the quarantine was self-imposed or government mandated, the virus now had world-wide attention.  It had evolved from a virus that spread through bodily-fluid contact to airborne.  Children were kept home from school and in most countries, home-schooling was encouraged.

What was once considered a nuisance was now a full-blown pandemic that attacked the strong as well as the weak.  In six months fifteen percent of the world’s population was decimated.  NATO, once a focused on political strategies now focused on one thing, finding the vaccine.  One particular strain proved to be the key, leaving twenty five percent of those infected to recover.  Those twenty-five percent, a mere six hundred people to begin with were immediately placed in hospitals, one in Frankfort, Germany, the other in Atlanta, Georgia.  Their plasma was harvested and in a week the first successful vaccine was created.  Those six hundred were the key to changing the world in more ways than they could even conceive.

First the six hundred were treated like saviors, given luxurious accommodations and their families were treated with deep respect.  Some of them were separated by their families and so homes were built near the structures.  It took time, it took money, but the vaccine was worth more than gold.

Rene Maslow was one of the six hundred.  At first the ability to help save the world felt like a gift she could share.  It became a burden that was too hard to carry after a few months.

One third of the world population was gone.  People no longer could shop in the grocery store because there was no gasoline for trucks, no coal for trains, no workers in the factories to produce goods.

It took no time until the government stepped in to organize the communities in this time of need.  They needed leadership, instead they got politics.  Money greased palms to get fresh vegetables, purchase gasoline, and more importantly get vaccines.

There were so many people and not enough of the vaccine, the ultimate lesson in supply and demand.  The government took no time in abusing their new police state to decide which populations received the vaccines first.  It was more obvious in places like China or the Middle East where mass graves were built before the town got infected.  A silent reminder that they would not survive and no help would be offered.

In America, where democracy and freedom had built the nation, scared citizens begged the government to create centers for distribution, assuming that in their country every member would be treated equally under the law.

They weren’t.  Placebo vaccines were offered while the government stockpiled the vaccine for cases they deemed worthy.  The placebos were given with strict instructions to remain CLAKDF for a period of two weeks.

Two weeks later, the lie was discovered when small towns all through the midwest were no longer.  The National Guard refused to clear the bodies, and the government was forced to create a statement explaining the deaths.  A new strain, they said.  New volunteers needed to create a stronger vaccine.  More promises for benefits for the volunteers and their families.

Maslow's Serum

#WTFWednesday “Affordable” tuition

I have three amazing kids, one in college, one a senior in high school, and the other a sophomore in high school.  This isn’t my first rodeo when it comes to touring universities.  My daughter has busted her butt and has a GPA and ACT score I could never achieve so she’s looking at some good schools because, lets face it, she has the chance of getting in.  Unlike her mother who realized that the local State University was the only one she could afford and therefore managed to maintain a 3.3 GPA because that’s all she needed.  On the flip side, she did get to spend a lot of time at the beach.

Anyway – my “WTF” for this Wednesday is regarding the “affordability of tuition” that each university we have toured has promised us.  Umm, yeah – I call BS.  $60,000 a year isn’t affordable.  Taking out loans is ridiculous – what starting job is going to pay you enough to pay that kind of tuition back?  My daughter is applying to every scholarship out there in hopes of lowering the fees but seriously?  WTF?  My beloved husband works as a surgeon, we both have college degrees, and we’re white.  Basically no one wants to give us money because we’re privileged, right?  Well, yeah, I’m not going to lie and say we are living hand to mouth because that’s not the kind of people we are.  We’ve always lived below our means and saved.  We DID save money for the kids’ college but still – WTF?  60K?  A year?!!!!!  We were thinking that 40K a year would be plenty of savings.

Jeez, and I thought the Country Day PreSchool was ridiculous for having a $5000/yr tuition for preschool.  Whose kid could eat that much paste?  I suppose if we had sent our children to a preschool like that and then private grade school followed by private high school then the sixty thou would seem, I don’t know acceptable?  Like the frog that sits in the pot that slowly heats to boiling and never tries to hop out…

Seriously though?  If you are an institution of higher learning and want students with a 4.53 GPA and 30 ACT score then please, at the very least, be honest about the cost of tuition.  Show us some respect, we’re not stupid, our kids aren’t stupid.  Affordable, my ass.  We’re not freakin’ Bill Gates or Richard Branson.  A quarter of million dollars for tuition is not affordable.  We have three kids – so basically by the end of their college years my husband will have worked enough to purchase a Patriot missle.  Offer REAL scholarships, at the very least something merit based so that her hard work will at least bring her tuition down to in-state prices.  Pretty please?

Free book on Kindle Nov. 14-15 – The New Boris

Want a fun and sexy read, perhaps something to download and read while ignoring the relatives over Thanksgiving Break?  The New Boris will be free on Nov. 14th and 15th through amazon.com only – you can click here to get it.

To my fellow authors who have been seeing a drop in sales (like me), I decided to pull my books from other sites and sell exclusively with Amazon enrolling them in KDP Select.  Like Google, Amazon is taking over the internet world, however – I use them to buy a significant amount of things online.  Honestly, they are the only book store I use online and I, myself, enrolled in Kindle Unlimited because I liked the idea of being able to read as many books as I wanted for a flat fee.  It’s like Rhapsody or Netflix, a subscription service for books.  So, while haters are gonna hate (thanks for pointing that out Taylor S.), the truth is I like shopping at WalMart, Target, and Amazon.  They are opening a SuperTarget near me to, which means Kroger may suffer – although they do have great discounts on gas…

I’ll let you know what happens with sales and if there is a financial gain to enrolling in KDP select.  I don’t think Amazon is honestly trying to take over the world.  I believe they are making it easier for consumers to purchase products and since I’m selling and buying it’s a win-win for me.  Hopefully.

In the meantime, enjoy a free read Nov. 14-15.  I love San Francisco, I grew up just forty miles south and loved spending my weekends there – or at the beach in Santa Cruz.  I still go home to visit my parents and spend a weekend there a couple of times a year.