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Too few Monday’s in July to put down all my favorite episodes of Supernatural. These guys keep me company when I work out, some days they are the only reason I stay on the darn Elliptical. (That and wanting to be Betty White)

Ty Olsson is my favorite vampire. Yes, you read me right – better than Edward, sexier than Damon. Those eyes are amazing and he’s so strong and loyal in the show.


The archangels, my oh my… Misha Collins as Castiel, Sebastian Roche as Balthazar, and Richard Speight, Jr. as Gabriel.

images-4    SebastianRoche RichardSpeightJr


The bad boys… Lucifer, played by Mark Pellegrino and Crowley, the King of Hell played by Mark Sheppard.




Good times…

WTF Wednesday #ManBuns – A Glamour Don’t?

This WTF Wednesday I feel incredibly snarky and judgmental and it’s meant to be humorous. I am not a fashion goddess, considering most of my clothes come from Target and Marshalls, but on the other hand I’m allowed an opinion. What started this post was when I spent a week in San Diego this summer and saw many men with the messy man bun, women too for that matter. I believe Man Buns are like skirts, he has to be really masculine to pull the look off, otherwise it looks ridiculous.

For example…

Stuart Reardon, Glamour Do
This guy Glamour Don’t.


Man buns are the same. Yes, I like long hair on some men, and I guess that’s the first part. If the guy looks good with long hair, chances are he’ll look good with a man bun.

I suppose a man should ask himself, “What Would Joe Do?”

The bandana works and keeps hair out of his eyes. Glamour do.
If you can see past his body, yes, Joe rocks a man bun.


He’s wearing a FAKE bun! No, absolutely not.
Glamour Do… me, please?
Sorry Brad, Glamour Don’t. The mini-bun makes me think other things are also minimized… Just sayin’
Looks amazing all messy. I can picture him sweaty and um, I think I’ll go write a scene…
Nope. A ponytail would have been better or a bandana.

Like beards, kilts, and tattoos some men can make it work and other men can’t. When they can’t it’s awkward, so very awkward. Follow me on Pinterest (Doyle MacBrayne) for more pictures of Man Buns and Man Candy.

#ManCandyMonday @JarPad, @JensenAckles More Supernatural

The show has several just “funny” episodes, and one of my favorites is Season 5 episode 9 “The Real Ghostbusters” where they meet Chuck.

While fighting ghosts the two are at a Supernatural convention and meet Chuck – the prophet who has written their “real-life” stories as a fictional series. Sam and Dean meet their “fans” and it’s hilarious. My favorite line is during the questions and answer period with Chuck. One audience member wonders why they don’t put their weapons on bungees since they keep losing them. The idea has merit…

At the convention

A recurring theme throughout Supernatural is the idea the brothers are actually gay lovers. So – if you take your filter off google images you’ll discover some hilarious photoshopped pictures. Some are good and some are so, so, so very bad.

I’ve added a few for your viewing pleasure but remember THESE ARE FAKED! Probably…

imgres-5 images-7  images-5

FlashFiction Friday –


Suddenly, being the center of his attention seemed like a very dangerous place to be.

It was irony, she decided. She spent fifteen minutes trying to coax him over using hushed tones, flirtatious finger movements and now… now she had his full attention.

And his claws, which made small indentations in her skin sure to start a histamine response momentarily.

He was so cute, and yet so very dangerous to her allergies.


Yeah, yeah, you thought the erotic romance writer was going to do something totally different with this writing prompt. In fact I did, but it’s in an upcoming book, Searching for Jamie. I’ll keep you posted when it’s completed.

The truth is my son rescued this little guy after it was hit by a car. He probably was four weeks when we found him and he’s recovered perfectly. So, happy Friday, happy FlashFiction, and enjoy some adorable kitten photos.


#Supernatural ManCandy @JensenAckles and @JarPad all month long…

Supernatural ManCandy Monday for July

I love the show Supernatural. When writing our newest story together, something for the holidays, Becca and I looked for the perfect man for the role. Both of us love Supernatural so… Sawyer Winchester bears a striking resemblance to Jensen Ackles and his love interest, well heck, Jensen’s own wife is beautiful.


Therefore my July ManCandy theme will be Supernatural. I can’t just do the gorgeous men, although they have plenty, I LOVE the show – the writing, the plot, the actors, everything. If you’re not familiar with the show – treat yourself and binge watch. It gets better every season. Sometimes I wonder how they keep going and then they throw in some hilarious stories, scary stories, sad stories and I know – it’s like life, it can just keep going.

If you’re not familiar with them, allow me to introduce you… Good looking, at times very serious, at times pranksters, but always so very sexy!

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki have perfected “Blue Steel” (or “Le Tigre” I can never tell those two apart.)

images-2 imgres imgres-1

Jared doing an impersonation of Jensen because… he can. :)

Season 4 episode 6 “Yellow Fever”

This is one of my favorite episodes – Dean (Jensen Ackles) is infected with Yellow Fever and the alpha male is suddenly afraid of everything.  Below are the excerpts including Jensen doing air guitar to Eye of the Tiger, guaranteed to put a smile on your face. The story behind his impromptu air guitar greatness is that Jared was late to the set, so he just kept going much to the amusement of the cast and crew.

Next Monday – more Supernatural. Ahh, July may be my favorite month.

#FreeRead for the Fourth of July

This story is intended for readers 18+

Grace ex-boyfriend visits her hometown on Memorial Day and swept her off her feet. She’s older, wiser, and knows what she wants. TJ never stopped loving Grace and when he sees her again their relationship rekindles immediately. Grace agrees to visit him as often as possible, and in this FlashFiction, we see them enjoying their Fourth of July.

Grace’s arms wrapped tighter around her waist and she consciously released them, smoothed the front of her dress and leaned closer to TJ.

“If you leave my side I will never forgive you,” she murmured between tight lips forced into a fake smile.

“Gracie,” he tilted her chin up and kissed her, his tongue teasing with hers until she relaxed against him. “I won’t leave you.” He kissed her nose and leaned his forehead against hers, “You don’t need to be nervous, love, these are just my friends.”

Grace rolled her eyes, “I don’t belong here.”

TJ scowled and before she could step away she found herself slung over his shoulder and being carried into the house of one of his teammates. A woman called out, “Use the second bedroom on the left.”

“Thanks,” TJ answered and slapped her thigh, holding her in place.

“TJ!’ Grace squeaked, wriggling against him but it was no use. The man’s grip was impossible to break and she fell limp against his shoulder.

“Good, a little submission now might make your punishment easier,” TJ promised.

Punishment, more like funishment  when TJ dispensed it. He released her, sliding her against his hard chest and into a hug once he entered the bedroom. He backed against the door and she heard the snick of a lock before both arms wrapped around her.

“Now, we don’t have the time and this isn’t the place for us to have a full discussion.”

Discussion, TJ’s term for hours of sexual torment before he finally let her come. Although, since it was only seven in the evening, this was probably his intention to begin with. She cocked her head to the side and raised an eyebrow, “You wanted me to pick a fight so you could get me worked up and distracted all night.”

TJ’s lips twitched and he winked, “Maybe. Gracie, honey, these are my teammates, my friends, my brothers and you’re my woman. You belong here because you’re mine and I belong here.”

She shook her head, “I understand what you’re saying, but I don’t feel it. I’m just a girl from Texas, TJ. I’m not sure I’ll ever feel comfortable with all this.” She waved her hand, “This place is a freakin’ mansion. I can’t even afford an apartment.”

“Gracie, these guys are just guys. You’ve got to give them a chance. This stuff is nice, but it’s not who we are. Cami and Matt have this big place because they have kids and want a bunch more. You’ve seen my place, it’s just a normal place.” He cleared his throat and squared his shoulders before continuing. “What really concerns me is your lack of self confidence. We’re going to have to work on that.”

She rolled her eyes and he chuckled, sat down on the bed and pulled her into his lap. She snuggled into him, “Ok, I’ll work on that.”

“No, babygirl, we will work on it.” He kissed her forehead and inhaled her scent. “That’s the way this goes, do you understand?”

Grace licked her lips, “I’m working on it.”

“I brought something to help you stay focused.”

“Oh, God,” she whimpered and wiggled in his lap.

He grinned wickedly, “If it get to be too much, just let me know.” His hand trailed up her thigh and pulled at the elastic of her panties. He kissed her roughly and growled, “I want to take you right now.”

She nodded and he whispered in her ear, “God, I love that you’re so ready for me. You’re perfect, Gracie. You’re mine and I’m yours and you’re perfect.”

Her chest lightened and warmth filled her at his words. She kissed him gently and he took control, maneuvering her on to her back with her hands pinned over her head.

“Don’t move your hands,” he hissed as his hands stroked down her arms over her body and then pushed her dress up to her waist.

“Damn, these are pretty panties. Did you wear these for me, Gracie?”

“Yes,” her voice was hushed in the room. She could hear her pants, excited and willing, so very willing to be under his control.

He pulled her panties down, “Dammit, I need a taste of you.” He looked at her and grinned, “You’ve got me so tied up. Come quick or I won’t let you come all night.”

Grace nodded, nervous about having sex in someone else’s home. She knew the door was locked but still it was so… TJ. She hissed at the sensation of his strong tongue familiarizing himself with her again.

“Mmm, as sweet as I remember,” he murmured. He worked quickly, bringing her to climax but it was unsatisfactory. She wanted more, she wanted him inside her. She whimpered when he knelt back and pulled her panties back in place. He pulled a small vibrator from his pocket and pushed it inside her.

“I can’t believe you carried that in your pocket.”

He raised an eyebrow in warning, “I’m always prepared, Gracie. Don’t forget that.”

She nodded and stretched her hands out, “Can I, um…” She eyed the bulge in his pants and he grunted.

“No, you can’t. Your punishment means you don’t get to touch me until I see some improvement.”

“Oh!” Grace pouted, Denial was the worst for of punishment as far as she was concerned.

TJ pulled her off the bed and bit her earlobe, “You need to move here, dammit. I hate only seeing you a weekend a month.”

“Soon, I need a few more months.”

“Yeah?” He looked down at her and smiled, “So you’re mine 24/7 after Christmas?”

She bit her lip, “Yes.”

He grinned and held her close, “I promise you won’t be sorry. Come on, love, let’s meet our friends and maybe you can ask Cami for places to buy furniture. She loves that stuff.”

When he pulled her back out to the backyard he stayed beside her, introducing her to his teammates. For a bunch of NFL players they were just normal guys who joked about normal guy stuff. Honestly, it could have been a Friday night at the bar except she was surrounded by millionaires instead of farmers and college students.

He introduced her to Cami who hugged her and spoke quickly, “I’m so glad you’re here. He talks about you constantly. We had a bet that you weren’t real.”

She snorted and teased TJ, “Did you have a lot of imaginary girlfriends, TJ?”

“Nope,” he winked and suddenly the vibrator turned on.

She stilled, concentrating on the confusion on Cami’s face. “Um, I suppose he told you we dated in high school,” she kept her voice controlled and sounding normal. Thankfully he turned it off so she could hear Cami’s response.

The entire night he continued to tease and torment her until finally Cami and Matt turned off all the lights in their backyard so they could watch the fireworks. TJ pulled her into his arms and maneuvered them to the fence.

“Be quiet,” he whispered as he pushed her panties down. “Step out of them,” he commanded and she obeyed. He pulled the vibrator from her and slipped it into his pocket. He grabbed her hand and pulled her back to the darkened patio. He picked a wide rocking lawn chair and sat down, pulling her on to his lap but quickly pushing her skirt out of the way.

“TJ,” she whispered.

“Are you telling me no?” he asked.

She shook her head and he grinned, “That’s my woman.” A moment later he shifted on the chair and then filled her. After being tormented all evening she was on the cusp, ready to come. He whispered, “Cross your ankles.”

It was all she needed, the slight tension of her thighs pushing her tight, TJ moving slowly, timing his thrusts to each explosion so that her gasps were camouflaged. She came long before the fireworks finale and TJ pulsed inside her, his teeth biting down hard on her neck.

“Jesus, Gracie, Happy Fourth of July.”

She relaxed against him, “I love you, TJ.”

“I love you, Gracie-mine. Now and forever.”

Best Fourth ever!

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