#WTF Wednesday – Oakley, Kors, Nike, and Flagyl… what they have in common


Spam… WTF? right? This is my first foray into blogs/websites and so I dutifully await messages from people – which is extremely rare. But that’s ok, it’s not like I’m needy or anything…  Anyway, what do I get? Messages like this:

Hi there, after reading this awesome post i am
also cheerful to share my familiarity here with mates.

And his/her web adress is usually linked to Oakley, Kors, Nike, or Flagyl. Really? First of all, I can’t believe Michael Kors is needs to spam. I mean seriously, the man has AMAZING shoes, purses, and clothes. Love him! Oakley? Well, the sunglasses are fab on their own and honestly I prefer them over gayban, I mean another competitor. Flagyl… well, I have no idea. I mean if you need it, you need it -right? It’s like saying you have to advertise for penicillan. Pretty much, if you need it – you get it. I suppose if you are in an industry where you need a cheap supply of flagyl, you may want to purchase online. Still, would you buy flagyl from the website link of the romance writer? I think not…

So – please write me, because otherwise I have to sift through phenomenal prose from spammers and wonder why they think I might need flagyl. And… Mr. Kors, I love you and am a devotee of Project Runway. Not sure why you’re linked to spam though.

#ManCandy #Outlander Which Highlander would you fall for?








Grant O’Rourke plays Rupert – the big guy with a sense of humor that is the peanut butter to Angus’ jelly. Loyal, friendly, he seems like he’d be warm and cuddly on a cold highland night.

This May my ManCandy theme has been based on the quiz that I took to find which Highlander I would fall for. You can take the quiz here. It sparked an idea for me – the idea that someone would “Search for Jamie” looking for their true love only to discover the reality is that they are better suited for someone else. Really? Jamie seems pretty perfect and honestly sometimes I roll my eyes at Claire for not being thrilled at her situation but… then he acts all immature and I think, yeah, maybe not…


#PIWorkshops Inside the D/s Relationship by Dauntless Vitality

I am so excited to take the Passionate Ink Workshop about D/s relationships taught by Dauntless Vitality. I started following him on tumblr and was blown away by his post “Because He Said So…?” For my fellow authors I encourage you to sign up for his workshop offered through Passionate Ink online – it starts June 4th and will give you insight into the relationships of your characters – as well as being fun:)

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Because He Said So…?

I have seen pictures and groups of pictures on tumblr, and other places for that matter, that are D/s and M/s and BDSM related with the words “Because He said So”.  I will say that I do adhere to this mantra, but there are some caveats to this as well.

For the uninformed, uneducated, and ignorant people of this world, it’s these caveats that hold the true meaning behind these words. This is not a blanket statement, right, or entitlement that gives an alleged Master/Dom the right to demand anything he wants, expect it to be done or carried out, and then get mad when it doesn’t happen.  Listen to this very carefully…You are not entitled to a single thing just because you call yourself a Master or a Dom.  You don’t automatically have the right to expect anything just “Because You Said So” because you have proclaimed yourself as having a title. 

So what does it mean when you hear “Because He Said So…”?

It means the sub/slave has given him that right and authority over her.

It means she has consented this power to such a person.

It’s because she sees and feels him as worthy of such power and control.

It’s because he has earned the right to be able to be that way with her. 

It’s because he has earned her respect in the Dominant position h has with her.

It’s because he has put in the time, effort and work to get t that point with her.

For me personally, when I see those words it’s not just those words alone that resonate with me.  It’s the entire dynamic of the power exchange relationship, all it takes and all the two of you have gone through together to reach a place where “Because He Said So…” is a reality and has true depth and meaning.  It is a very special feeling and place to be when you reach this together.  But it is not something that you can instantly demand and expect. 

Earn your place with her.  Put in the time and effort she deserves.  Earn your title with her, because she feels it and bestows it upon you, not because you hereby declare it for yourself.  Anyone can call themselves whatever they like.  Having someone else see you as that person and give themselves to you as that person in your life… that is the true blessing. You don’t have a right and aren’t entitled to anything.  You do have the right to earn what you want and strive to achieve your goals. 

When the title as her Master or Dominant has been earned, and she sees you as worthy of that position over her, that is much more gratifying and fulfills a level of accomplishment than anything ever demanded without effort.  And when you get that from her, that is when you can truly say… “Because I Said So…”!


Flash Fiction Friday – The Cathedral

The sun splintered off the interior cathedral windows, a sight Bridget had never seen before since light had never been allowed in the immense building. The ruin of the building still maintained the high arches, but instead of spider webs interconnecting the intricate mouldings they now served as a trellis for kudzu and morning glories. A diverted creek spilled through the roof purifying St. George’s sword in the small vestibule where he stood guard. The cathedral, free of dragons, was now home to other flora and fauna.

The earthquake decades ago had shifted this small piece of land so that it was no longer useable. Bridget never liked cathedral for its original purpose, but now with it opened – with nature and light an integral part of its architecture she wanted to keep it exactly as it was. A pagan monument – a fitting reminder that the human species may leave a mark, but the earth would eventually erase it.


Homecomings: Memorial Day NOW FOR SALE!!!

Homecomings: Memorial Day: Sexy Shorts for a Long Holiday Weekend (Homecomings: Sexy Shorts for Holiday Reading Book 1)

Homecomings1_coverHomecomings: Sexy Shorts for Holiday Reading is the new anthology series from Ferndean Press. Featuring fun and sexy short stories and flash fiction, it’s the perfect reading material for passing time while traveling or lounging around over the holiday.

The first installment in the series is here just in time for the long Memorial Day weekend, and contains these four stories guaranteed to make your heart race in anticipation:

The Promise of More, by Tobi Doyle: Can the two men vying for Casey’s affection at a wealthy client’s Memorial Day party, make her wildest fantasy come true?

Fleet Week, by Tobi Doyle: Erin’s birthday always falls during Fleet Week, and this year is the fourth, and last, that she’s partied accordingly: collecting kisses instead of spankings, one for every year she’s been alive and each from a different man. Thomas was Erin’s first birthday kiss when the tradition began on her 21st birthday, three years ago, and he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her since, even dreaming about her. This year, he vows to end her tradition and be the only man that kisses her lips, hopefully touching her heart in the process.

Going Back, by Tobi Doyle: TJ has really only loved the girl that broke his heart in high school. When he returns home for Memorial Day years later, a rich and famous professional football player, he finds that the only thing that has really changed is that girl has grown into a devastatingly sexy woman. But there’s still one problem: will that sexy woman shatter his heart all over again, or will the secret behind their high school break up convince him to give their relationship another try?

Last Appointment, by Rebecca Barray: A small construction company owner gets stuck with a last-minute sales appointment, keeping him from what he’d really like to be doing: relaxing at home. But will the surprise waiting for him at this inconvenient appointment make him glad he came?


WTFWednesday Screw Generation Y or Millennials – Are you Clark or Seacrest?


Naming a generation seems to take FOREVER… and it’s fuzzy too. Honestly, if my husband is “technically” a baby boomer (born between 1946 and 1964) and I’m technically an x-gener (1960-1980) you’d think there would be a huge age difference or major cultural difference in our childhood memories. But no – we both watched reruns of Mary Tyler Moore, Barney Miller, Andy Griffith, and the Dick VanDyke Show. Music – well, I do remember the Solid Gold Dancers but really, I remember spending Saturday morning with Dick Clark – and then Fat Albert.

I also remember the debate over naming Generation X when I was in high school. For a few months “Pepsi Generation” was batted about because Michael Jackson’s accident.  How lame, eh? Basically, my generation earned its name because we had no political motivations (children during the end of the cold war), were considered self-centered, and selfish. Yeah – the name is insulting. We saw the birth of the personal computer, the internet – although it really was nothing back then. However my generation saw The END of the cold war; tearing down the Berlin Wall; and let’s not forget ‘Just Say No’ from Nancy Reagan. And we are named “X” because we have “nothing” special… The “next” generation is named by the previous generation (the voting population) and it seems to me they aren’t nice about it. In my goal to #BeBetty I say we change that now. I call upon our generation to celebrate and appreciate the differences between our generations.

Now there’s Generation Y or the Millennials (1980s to late 90’s) and the name is still fluctuating so we still have time to rename them something nice. These are Gen X’ers kids – named Gen Y by people who never liked Gen X and feel the same way about our children. Really the main cultural differences between generations are technology, television shows, and music. Why don’t we recognize those differences?

I believe THAT should be the determining factor and a great name for the next generation. Are you Dick Clark or Ryan Seacrest? Honestly, baby boomers would probably tilt their head and ask, “What’s a Seacrest?” while Gen X’ers would know – Clark. Sure, Seacrest took his place but Clark was our childhood, our New Year’s Eve buddy. My kids know who Dick Clark was but they associate their music with Ryan Seacrest.

Therefore, I declare you can keep BabyBoomers, but then the next generation shall be named Dick Clark and the following generation will be Ryan Seacrest. After that??? Well, obviously 2010-2030 should be Generation i or SmartPhone, or Selfie – right? It’s not mean and it is a huge part of their culture.

Who is with me? Share this with your friends – start referring to GenX as Clark and the next generation as Seacrest. We can make a change for the positive… #BeBetty

Cover Reveal – Homecomings – Sexy Short Stories for a Long Memorial Day Weekend

Announcing our very first Ferndean Press publication coming soon!


Homecomings: Memorial Day – four steamy short romance stories to keep you entertained on a long Memorial Day Weekend. Planned publication this Thursday! These sexy stories are intended for adults who love alpha males, hot-descriptive sex, and a little bondage;)

A Promise of More by Tobi Doyle: m/f/m menage  Ben and AJ are best friends and business partners. Their last attempt at sharing a woman almost broke their friendship because of her manipulations. Both men are wary to start a long-term relationship but are willing to share a woman for one night. Casey meets these two charismatic men at a Memorial Day party and decides to indulge in her secret fantasy. These two sexy men are definitely willing to share her and knowing it’s just for one night gives her a sense of security. Except – when they all realize one night won’t be enough, are they willing to give more?

Fleet Week by Tobi Doyle: m/f  Fleet Week is Erin’s favorite week in the city. For that one week she feels like an Amazonian Goddess instead of Sasquatch. She and her roommates celebrate her birthday with tequila shots and kissing a different man for each year of her life. This birthday, however, the very handsome and tall Lt. Thomas Crane asks her to stop after just one, him. He was her first kiss and he doesn’t want to watch her kiss other men. He’s been fantasizing about her for two years. He wants them to spend the entire weekend together making erotic memories and hoping she’ll fantasize about him too.

Going Home by Tobi Doyle: m/f  TJ’s first love, Grace, has haunted his memories for a decade. She broke his heart when he left for college, and now she’s married. He returns home for Memorial Day to visit his family and discovers that Grace is divorced, and even better, she’s still as affected by him as he is by her. If they try to rekindle their romance will is spark and ignite or fizzle and die?

His Last Appointment by Becca Barray: m/f His last appointment of the day turns out to be a nice surprise. Instead of finding a homeowner wanting an appraisal for new windows, he finds a beautiful woman waiting to seduce him. This beautiful woman is ready to fulfill his every desire.