Feverborn by Karen Marie Moning – my review

First of all, I love how Karen Marie Moning writes. She’s amazing. I love the world she’s created with the Fever series and her Scottish Highlanders. I wish I had her talent. So, yes, Feverborn is extremely well-written but…

OMG, I want to snatch her bald-headed for leaving me in the lurch at the end. It’s become a serial – which I personally hate – instead of a series. There’s not a real resolution, in fact, it ends on a call to action and then… I have to wait until 2017????? Are you kidding me?????

So, if you are an obsessive reader and have just discovered the Fever series I warn you to READ SLOWLY. It’s like waiting for the next Harry Potter… and I have no patience.

Yes, I love the series, but ugh…. I really prefer a resolution instead of leaving me breathless and freaked.

And now I have to wait…

I don’t wait well…

FEVERBORN, available on Amazon. but be forewarned, you may want to wait until the next one is out before you begin if you’re like me.

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