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Tobi was born in Massachusetts, grew up in California, went to college in Texas, and raised her children in Indiana and West Virginia.  She taught middle school science for several years until her husband took away her red pen and encouraged her to follow her passion for writing. He is her greatest champion, the love of her life, and her ally. Tobi enjoys the menagerie of animals and children that roam through her home, along with writing, crafting, and of course red wine and chocolate. 

She’s excited to announce her manuscript Alexei’s Avenging Angel has been a finalist in both the Utah RWA Great Beginnings Contest and the Greater Chicago RWA Fire and Ice Contest in 2017.

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  1. Good Afternoon Tobi:

    My name is Mark Gusack and recently wrote and published my first novel – a sci-fi titled Worlds Apart. I enjoyed your talk yesterday at the Drinko Library regarding your approach to writing. I particularly liked the ‘suck’ concept but will suffer regarding number 4 – who will be reading my books. They are not exactly going to be easy reading given the subject matter. If you’re wondering who I was at the meeting; I was the older gentleman sitting slightly to your right who turned down the chocolate. Actually, I love chocolate. I love it so much that I only eat chocolate that does not contain extenders like soy.

    So…I am interested in participating in the NaNOWriMo this November. I even have a potential plot that came to mind last night. However, I have a problem. I am now deep into the second book. I find that I need to keep to a strict schedule when writing to be effective and to maintain momentum. Attempting to complete an additional 50K words on a separate book appears to be a difficulty. I was thinking that I might be able to separate out part of the second book that is not yet written and use that as a vehicle for the 50k words? I can easily craft an introductory lead in and an ending that would ultimately fit into the larger work. And, I would be willing to attend many of the group writing events to show that I am writing fresh and not submitting previously finished text.

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