A Triplet Surprise


Originally titled Rebound Babies.

Melinda Noonan has perfected the art of looking cool under pressure, intelligent when confused, and happy when she’d rather cry. Her mother’s strict rules of propriety drive her to be the woman she is today: successful, organized, and independent. Her reserved facade hides the fear that her imperfections make her unlovable. She loves her mother but the constant interference pushes Mel to act out of character, tipping the first in a series of dominoes that ends with triplets.

Michael Salvatore loved the Marines: order, hard work, his brothers, his service to his country. After getting out, he built a successful security firm in Indianapolis and hires Melinda to handle PR. When she admits she’s pregnant, Mike is reminded of his ex-wife who had an abortion without his consent while he served overseas. With nine brothers and sisters, and forty-four nieces and nephews, he always presumed he’d have a big family, but lately, the women he’s dated are more concerned with their career. He’s in awe of Mel’s strength and dedication to her unborn babies, but frustrated by her insistence on doing everything herself. Mike struggles with his dominant nature and his desire to provide.

As they grow closer, Mel discovers that submitting to Mike in the bedroom is an empowering experience. But all those years of being taught what’s appropriate make it difficult for her to look past her preconceived notions that an unconventional sexual relationship is not respectable.

Can Mike persuade her that if you strip away the titles, the nature of their D/s relationship is perfect for them?


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