Jason and Laura

Love at First Slight

Free on Smashwords. Please let Amazon know so it'll be free here too! Just click on the "Tell us about a lower price" and enter http://bit.ly/1Oi21xh or smashwords.com for the website. Check out tobidoylemacbrayne.com for more freebies. Laura Phillips is ready for a life do-over. After trying for years to get pregnant she discovers that her husband has been unfaithful. She is ready to start again, somewhere new where people won't give her those pitying glances and make her feel even worse than she already does. Her plans include moving to Chicago from Palo Alto, a new home, a new job, and why not have a little fun before she goes.

Her best friend Olivia wins back stage passes to a concert and Laura decides she deserves to let loose and go crazy. She meets the lead singer and goes back to his place for what she hopes is one night of great sex. Unfortunately for her, he didn't get the memo and keeps turning up for more and she just can't seem to stop herself from falling into bed with him again and again.

Publisher: Ferndean Press

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