Matt and Kate

Love at First Slight

Matt's baby sister married Kate's big brother, and now he's left with her living in his townhome. She's beautiful, tiny, and she's probably ten years younger and definitely too opinionated and stubborn for him.

Kate can't believe that her new sister-in-law, Liv, was able to tolerate living with the overbearing, over-protective ex-Army major. She can't stand the fact that she's already told him her darkest secret. Somehow this beefcake has managed to make her trust again. Not all men, but definitely him.

Sparks fly between the two until finally Matt has had enough and follows through on Kate's flirtation. Kate can't stand the idea of having a romantic and obviously incredibly passionate relationship with this man who she'll never be rid of. He will be at every Christmas and every birthday party because he is now part of her family. She tries to slow things down between them but Matt resists.

Too bad for Kate that her overbearing, overprotective roommate has recognized that she is his perfect mate. Once the Major has an objective there is no stopping him in succeeding with his plan.

Publisher: Ferndean Press
Reviews:eBook Addict on Amazon wrote:

4 stars
Unexpected - in so many ways.
By eBook Addict on September 26, 2013
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I've been in a book slump lately - everything I seem to pick up has just not quite met expectations. So, when I stumbled across this one, I didn't have high hopes. Particularly when I knew, from the outset, that the hero is significantly older than the heroine (which tends to put me off - way too Mills & Boon from the 80s for me).

Well, what a surprise this story was. I didn't realise it was actually part of a series - there is another book before it - and I can't say I missed anything by not reading the previous story.

Essentially, this story is a classic romance which centres around 35 yo Matt Wilson, a military hottie, who finds himself cohabiting with Kate, his early 20-something sister-in-law, who is close to graduating college with her Masters in accounting. I liked Kate - she was mature for her age and she was clever. I loved Matt - he was gorgeous, dominant, strong and true. He was also a newly retired Major with big ambitions, no PTSD, and a firm eye on his future. When he works out he wants Kate in that future, well, there's no standing in his way.

In fact, that was a little bit off-putting for me - the guy was a complete bulldozer and Kate didn't stand a chance. He took dominant male to an almost creepy level, but I forgave him, because Kate seemed to deal pretty well and, frankly, he was one hunk of a man. It's just fortunate the author gave Kate brains, a backbone and a passion to match his, otherwise this might have been a car-crash.

One of the strange things about this story is that there is an element of menace threaded throughout, from a number of different angles. I was always waiting for something to come of those sub-plots, but it never did! In the end, the story was really nothing more than a hot romance between two likeable characters. (Yes, the intimate scenes were spicy and plentiful!).

Really liked it, but would have loved it if there were just a little more to the story than Major Matt and Tinkerbell (Kate) getting it on multiple times - as satisfying as that was 😉

I'm not interested in the first story that I missed, which was about Kate's older brother, but I'd be happy to read future stories about the other guys in Matt's team.

Redrabbit on Amazon wrote:

5.0 out of 5 stars
Erotic Romance Suspense
ByRedrabbitt TOP 1000 REVIEWER on May 24, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition
Charming story with some suspense in it. I liked the interaction between Kate "Tink" and Matt. Her love of her friends and family. His loyalty to his friends and former soldiers.

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