Rebound Baby


Allie’s sister Em does a total makeover transformation on her, encouraging to leave all her bad Jack-mojo behind and have some fun. Em’s advice leads to the best night of her life and a pregnancy. She thinks she’ll put the baby up for adoption. She’s warned that unless Daniel relinquishes his parental rights, the adoptive parents may lose the child they’ve assumed was there’s for months. When she meets Daniel again, she falls in love and is not sure how to explain that he’s the father.

When she runs into Daniel again, he doesn't recognize her, but he's still drawn to her. He pursues her, and finally convinces her to go out on a date. He wants to help her find the father, even says he’ll go with her to tell her parents about the baby. He recognizes Allie is in turmoil, raised by a controlling father, and not sure what she wants anymore. She’s torn between wanting to keep this baby, and the consequences. Disgusted that he may have done that to a woman, he searches for the woman, only to discover it’s Allie.
He wants Allie to be happy, but he can’t lose her now.

Publisher: Ferndean Press
Reviews:CarmenR on Amazon wrote:

5 stars
Fun and steamy.
July 13, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition
A fun steamy read with fun dialogue and great characters. Right off the top, the story starts off hot and steamy. And only later in the story, do Allie and Daniel get to really know each other - this fun reversal on the traditional plot works wonders. The relationship between the two main characters is both steamy and tender and the sex scenes are sizzling. This is a fun 'secret baby' story which manages to be both hot and sweet.

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