Trial Romance

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Uptight actuarial, Kerry Newsome, is stuck with jury duty and finds herself up close and personal with her old high school crush, the sexiest man she’s ever met. Between the courtroom case of a woman suing a sex toy company and her hormones, she’s having a hard time keeping her hands off blue-collar Bryce.

She’s beginning to wonder if maybe the juror questionnaire is better than eHarmony.

Bryce McCoy lives in a holding pattern, work, eat, sleep, with an occasional fuck. A car accident killed his father thirteen years ago, leaving his mother in a wheel-chair, and McCoy’s Mechanics to run. As the oldest, Bryce took over and doesn’t regret the man-of-the-family role, but he sure doesn’t want to do raise a family a second time. Casual sex keeps things simple, his life on track, and then along comes Kerry, the smart quiet girl with the killer smile that was too shy to ever talk to him. Now she’s a professional, brilliant and sexy, and is willing to take him just as he is. Who knew jury duty could be so rewarding?

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