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#Deadpool ManCandyMonday Ryan Reynolds proves sexy is more than just looks… 1

I LOVED Deadpool. Loved it. Admittedly, I’m a superhero geek preferring Stan Lee’s Marvel Hero’s to DC EVERY TIME. In fact, I’m pretty sure that should be an eHarmony question. Total deal-breaker. I love Stan Lee’s heroes, from Spiderman to Hulk to Thor to Deadpool; while Superman, Batman, and the Flash leave me cold. Seriously. I’m a middle-aged woman who is thrilled her 17 year-old son recognizes that Spiderman will always be way cooler than Batman. If you haven’t yet seen the movie, don’t take your kids – it’s totally inappropriate to laugh at the same scenes they do, no matter what your ages are… I’m lucky enough to have my adult niece living with me and we can enjoy the ManCandy of Ryan Reynolds and the totally inappropriate humor of Deadpool. We missed you Leslie and Katherine F!    

#Snowmeggedon made me write… #ManCandyMonday 1

Meet Joe. Joe is fun, flirty, sexy, and so much more complicated… Actually the model’s name is Rodiney Santiago and he has an amazing website at or here on twitter. Yum. He’s also the inspiration for my latest hero in my work-in-progress, tentatively titled Still Waters. Of course, in the book he’s got more tattoos, works “security” and is one of those guys who you fall in love with, seems to love you back, but just can’t get the words out. I’m hoping to create a series with Joe and his fellow workers, one of whom looks just like Jason Mamoa. Have I said how much I love my job?

Holiday ManCandy 1

Admittedly this picture makes me giggle, for all the wrong reasons. Why is his “package” glowing? And again… did he not eat ANY holiday cookies? Admittedly I have an unspoken deal with my husband — he has to gain more weight than I do. It’s not a healthy idea, but dammit, I don’t want to ever weigh more than him. Ever… The things he does to keep me happy:)