@heyjomachin is doing a thing on instagram this week for all of us writers. Today’s prompt was a meetcute where they are BOTH doing something illegal and it CAN’T be homicide, drugs/drinking, OR stealing. Talk about restrictions! Plus, instagram doesn’t allow for a long story… Here’s my try… #meetcuteJanuary #amwriting #romance I rolled past the […]

#FlashFiction If Only…

She sat in her living room reading a book about poisonous mushrooms. Paranoia egged her on, fraying her very last nerve. If only her anxiety had no foundation. If only she hadn’t searched through Brent’s phone. If only the idiot had erased his texts to Karen, the bitch, the home-wrecker. If only she hadn’t moved […]

#FlashFiction Inspired

My inspiration for stories… They come from everywhere.  Bits of conversations overheard in the grocery store sometimes spawn complicated love triangles, and don’t even get me started on the secret life of the cutie check out guy.  Although I’m sure my imagination is nothing like his real life … poor guy. Today I awoke to […]

The Rain

I love the sound of rain when I am inside. The way it beats against the skylights is hypnotic.  I love how the light changes, seeming to come from nowhere and everywhere.  When I’m inside… When I’m outside, it’s my enemy, turning my clothes into a claustrophobic restraint, my hair into, well, it’s not pretty.  And […]