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February 4, 2018 tobidoylemacbrayne No comments exist

I don’t really care about who wins today. I have no ties to Philadelphia, and although I was born in Massachusetts, I raised my kids in Indiana when Tony Dungy was the coach and Manning and Addai played, and I still love the Colts. I really haven’t followed football since. I freaking love some of…

September 20, 2017 tobidoylemacbrayne No comments exist

If you consider spending your money on these stickers for your feet, I’m going to ask you to donate to SoulsForSoles instead. WTF? Seriously? Stickers for your feet? Check out their “test” for anti cutting, because you know walking on pavement and grass has always been SO difficult. WTF? Check out their rigorous testing here….

June 12, 2017 tobidoylemacbrayne No comments exist

This month – ManCandy The Author Edition. Starting with Poe. I spent this last weekend at the West Virginia Writers Conference and had a blast, possibly fan-girled a bit. Best part about WVW… nice folks and moonshine. How many conferences have you been to where moonshine was part of the evening entertainment, eh? Michael Knost…

May 29, 2017 tobidoylemacbrayne No comments exist

A self-folding origami robot. So cool! The science geek in me sees medical uses, which reminds me of the VERY old movie Fantastic Voyage. If you haven’t seen it, well, don’t pay to see it, but it’s fun to watch what the writers in 1996 thought the “future” would be like.   Check it out!  

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Your countenance perfectly informs me that you were in company last night with the person who interests you at this present time, more than all the rest of the world put together. -Persuasion  

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Have you seen Amazon’s Echo Look now offers the ability to take selfies, video AND give you style recommendations? WTF? Have years of participation trophies now made it impossible for millennials to operate without external validation? I can see color blind people asking, Alexa, ‘what color is this?’ but honestly, I have never heard my color blind friend…

March 3, 2017 tobidoylemacbrayne 1 comment

I’m taking a writing class by @sgredling and I love this exercise! She’s given us writing prompts, but in a twist we have to use ONE prompt, and flesh it for different genres. So… here’s my first attempt: Prompt: After a head injury, a young man can hear the color blue speaking. Everything blue speaks…