#WTFWednesday – TAGA stroller/bike is SO COOL!

It’s ridiculously expensive BUT it’s cool. It’s a stroller that converts into a bike for you and your toddler. I totally would have bought one – not. But that’s because I had the kids too close together and I had the two-seat trailer thing, which kind of sucked, because they were big kids and biking uphill with an additional forty pounds after chasing them at the park was… Let’s just say, my daughters learned some interesting language. What do you think? Awesome or ridiculous?

#WTF #NSFW – A fit bit for naughty bits

Um, so… I can’t even… I’m still giggling over this ridiculous item. British Condom created a cock ring that tracks the data during intercourse. I’m not sure what you’d do with that data. If you’re seriously counting sex in your overall caloric expenditures, you’ve got a problem. Will this be a hazing opportunity? Does the saying “it’s not the size of the pen, but how you use it” have NO meaning? Locker room talk could be very interesting… and yet, I think they’re missing the point that MUTUAL pleasure isn’t just about the thrust of the rocket engine. WTF? What do you think?

WTF Wednesday… If you need this, you need an intervention! 1

I like gadgets as much as the next guy, but… um, this is too much. A fit bit for your dog? WTF? A hundred bucks so you can check the fitness level of your DOG?!? Now, I love dogs, actually I love most animals (not crazy about snakes), but if you’ve got a hundred bucks, might I suggest donating the Benjamin to the animal shelter, or even a food bank. For realsies, WTF? You can find this, available in many colors, at Grommet.  Meet Jessie, my wonder dog. A rescue and incredible snuggler.

#WTF Wednesday – GQ’s rules for casual sex – but mine are better. 1

*This WTF article should be read with a grain of salt (preferably sitting on top of a French fry) and tongue in cheek. Ben Kassoy’s article in GQ offers six rules for casual sex, and as a romance author I was curious what the “rules” for a hook-up should be. I was expecting something like, don’t floss in bed, no farting – even in jest, or something more substantial like, have your friend track your phone. However, he was more pragmatic and it was rather… disconcerting. Honestly, the article isn’t written for middle-aged housewives and romance authors. First of all, I’m happily married and my idea of casual sex is leaving my socks on. Yeah, I’m rocking it. Secondly, casual hookups seem too awkward. I’m sure there’s many amazing people out there that are totally comfortable in their own skin. Even in my twenties and skinny, I was not that person. I […]

WTF Wednesday… Richard Simmons is FREAKIN’ HILARIOUS 1

Richard Simmons… What can we say about him? He is amazing, well, perhaps astounding is a better word. He did get my grandmother up and moving, and I do remember being a kid and working out with her in my family room. He’s a lovely man and truly interested in health for everyone. And he’s a little nuts… I had no idea he was this funny. Really. OMG, I love Richard Simmons! Best to watch where literal LOL won’t get you in trouble. Honest!   The Funniest Video EverWARNING !!! You will spit out your drink and pee your pants watching this. Tickle Me Funny#ticklemefunny Posted by Tickle Me Funny on Thursday, July 10, 2014

WTF Wednesday #SquattyPotty – it is for real! 1

So, when I came upon this little commercial thanks to TastefullyOffensive’s Tumblr I thought, that can’t be for real… but a short search on for the Squatty Potty and I found out it is!!! WTF?!? YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO – it’s probably not safe for work… Unless you work at home like I do:) I still prefer the Old Spice Commercials with Isaiah Mustafa. Although the prince’s English accent is cute, he’s no Isaiah. Shall I refresh your memory? Press the button to play, then look at him, then look at your man… Happy Humpday friends! PS, for more fun and absurd items check out – I’m not related to them, just a fan:)

WTF! Worst but best costume idea ever! 1

Adorable and yet oh-so-creepy, right? Hope you have a happy Halloween. It drives me crazy that it isn’t “celebrated” on October 31 for children, instead they pick a school day. WTF, right? Talk about the woosification of children. Man, we went out in princess costumes with high heels, no coat, looking for the good candy. Nowadays, kids bring home raisins and granola bars. What’s wrong with you people? Hit up our house for the full-size bars because it’s Halloween, not organic-gluten-free day!

WTF – SNL nails it… Wish we could dose all of congress. 1

Ok, not that I want to get all political on you because I really don’t. I’m not apathetic, I’m typically disgusted at human behavior and therefore like to stay in my little make-believe world of romantic Happily-Ever-Afters. However, SNL’s Abilify may solve all our country’s problems. Can I get an ‘amen’? If your ICD-10 classification is F60.81, then y’all need Abilify… Just sayin’.

Seattle Saturday #WTF Weird Mosiac 1

Tonight we walked past the Seattle gum wall. At first I was thinking, hey, that’s really pretty, all those different colors. And then I got up close and gagged. It reminded me of when I taught middle school. My “gum chewing” rule was – throw it in the garbage when you’re done. Why? Because if you tell kids they can’t chew gum, they’re gonna chew gum, and then they’ll “hide” it to avoid getting in trouble. That hiding place will be discovered the first day of summer, when you’re trying to clean out your room and head on home. Ick… Actually, I never had gum under my tables because I instituted the rule. However, my fellow teachers were ticked that students were “allowed” to chew gum in my room. Yeah, I didn’t care. I wasn’t scraping gum off my room surfaces.    

WTF Wednesday – Pre-Coffee Dementia… it’s a real thing! 1

I stood this morning in my kitchen, barefoot, robe on, eyes barely open, my body moving on autopilot. My son came in and greeted me and I stood, holding the glass cabinet door open staring at wine glasses. My feeble brain was unable to comprehend what my next move should be. I stood, frozen in time, confused. Why? Because I suffer from pre-coffee dementia. I’m copywriting that term, by the way. For those of us addicted to the little roasted bean, we know that soda isn’t the same. I need the warmth, the creamer, the aroma, the ceramic cup… which was in a different cabinet. Sheesh. Until I’ve had a cup of coffee, I don’t people well, I can’t make decisions, and I sure as hell don’t make any plans. This is why my son chooses early morning to announce his weekend plans. No flies on him… I stand some […]

WTFWednesday – Watch out Santa… Putin wants the North Pole 1

Perhaps the Ukrainians can rest now that Putin is seeking to take on the North Pole. He’s told the United Nations that the Russian Federation has the right to exert economic control over half a million square miles of the Artic Ocean, including Santa’s North Pole. WTF? Dude, you are SO on Santa’s naughty list… although I’m pretty sure the Russian “president” is ok with getting coal. I really hope Blitzen leaves presents in his shoes.

WTF Wednesday #ManBuns – A Glamour Don’t? 1

This WTF Wednesday I feel incredibly snarky and judgmental and it’s meant to be humorous. I am not a fashion goddess, considering most of my clothes come from Target and Marshalls, but on the other hand I’m allowed an opinion. What started this post was when I spent a week in San Diego this summer and saw many men with the messy man bun, women too for that matter. I believe Man Buns are like skirts, he has to be really masculine to pull the look off, otherwise it looks ridiculous. For example…   Man buns are the same. Yes, I like long hair on some men, and I guess that’s the first part. If the guy looks good with long hair, chances are he’ll look good with a man bun. I suppose a man should ask himself, “What Would Joe Do?”   Like beards, kilts, and tattoos some men can […]

WTF Wednesday – The Assymetrical Man Thong 2

I’m thinking a woman designed this as retribution…   Is it a joke? Is it for real? Searching the interweb revealed these men “working” it at a beach. Although I noticed the very expensive camera equipment behind them. So, maybe it’s just a ruse? Please, please be a ruse! Right now I vote these as a #ManCandyFail, but then I’m so old I remember when thongs referred to footwear.

#WTF Wednesday – Oakley, Kors, Nike, and Flagyl… what they have in common 4

Spam… WTF? right? This is my first foray into blogs/websites and so I dutifully await messages from people – which is extremely rare. But that’s ok, it’s not like I’m needy or anything…  Anyway, what do I get? Messages like this: Hi there, after reading this awesome post i am also cheerful to share my familiarity here with mates. And his/her web adress is usually linked to Oakley, Kors, Nike, or Flagyl. Really? First of all, I can’t believe Michael Kors is needs to spam. I mean seriously, the man has AMAZING shoes, purses, and clothes. Love him! Oakley? Well, the sunglasses are fab on their own and honestly I prefer them over gayban, I mean another competitor. Flagyl… well, I have no idea. I mean if you need it, you need it -right? It’s like saying you have to advertise for penicillan. Pretty much, if you need it – […]