Her Lucky Number

Her Lucky Number

Matt Coleman is a successful professional football player with good looks and great personality that everyone loves. Everyone except the new place kicker’s sister, Cami. He’s not used to open hostility and when he turns on the charm she turns him down cold. Even when he tries to be a nice guy he manages to screw it up. He’d like to ignore her, but he can’t. She’s beautiful, funny, incredibly sweet, and he wants her. If he could just get her to stop hating him so much…

Cami Lansing loves her family more than anything. When her older brother Gabe gets a great contract as a place kicker and moves to California he wants her to come with him. Being born deaf Gabe has never been comfortable speaking in public, and he relies on Cami to speak for him. She doesn’t mind except that she seems to be stuck in the path of destruction in the form of his teammate, Matt Coleman.

Matt is too attractive, too charming, and loves to whip his fans into frenzies which have resulted in her concussion, broken foot, and second degree burns down her back from scalding coffee. She can’t seem to avoid him, although she desperately tries. She’d like to hate him but he’s so sweet to her brother and well, she’s attracted to him also.

If only they could get their chemistry to be compatible instead of so combustible.

He opened my door and helped me out.  Instead of waiting until I got my crutches he lifted me up and carried me into his home.  He settled us on the couch and whispered, “The last time we were like this I was very disappointed and a little bit relieved your brother returned.”

I nodded, “It was too soon.”

His finger traced my ear and down my neck to my collar bone.  He followed it with his lips pressing small kisses behind my ear, along my jaw and down my neck until he nipped my neck.

I whimpered and pulled on his shoulder.  He lowered me so I was lying down on the couch and he covered me.  His weight was supported by his elbows and his knees threaded between my legs.  I suddenly loved his modern and extra deep couch.  It was practically as wide as a twin bed and I could rest my cast against the back of the couch.  My other leg hooked around his calf and tried to pull him closer.

He settled between my hips and lowered his face to mine.  Drinking from my lips, he kissed me until my lips were swollen and I found myself grinding against him, begging for more.  More contact.  More heat.  More touches.  My hands fumbled against his chest, trying to open the buttons.

He slid back on his haunches and pulled his shirt off, “Is this what you want?”

“Yes,” I sounded greedy as my hands traced his chest.  His head rolled back.

“I love your hands on me.  Sit up.”

I struggled to sit up, but he helped me and soon had my shirt off and bra unsnapped.  He laid me down and ran kisses from my neck down to the upper swells of my breasts.

“God, you’re so beautiful.”  He traced my nipple with his tongue while his other hand cupped my breast, pinching the nipple.

I thrust my chest toward him and he complied, suckling deeply and applying just the perfect amount of pressure with his leg between my knees.  He continued his assault, whispering how beautiful I was, how soft my skin was, and all sorts of sweet things while his hands drove my body crazy.  He was amazing.

His hand slid down to the waist of my yoga pants and I stiffened.  He stilled and looked at me, “Tell me what you want.”

I shook my head, too embarrassed to say what I really wanted.  He kissed my mouth, teasing my lips as his hand went to my waistband again and he slid underneath.

“Is this ok, Cami?”

“Yes, please.”

“Ah, Jesus,” his eyes slammed shut.  When he opened them again they were dilated and his hand immediately found its mark.  “God, you’re so wet.” He murmured as his finger traced through my labia.  A second finger joined the first and my leg fell off the couch, opening myself to him further.

His finger circled my clit and I jerked underneath him.  He stilled and slowly, gently circled my clit until I was used to the sensation of him there.

“Do you like this?” He asked hoarsely.

“God, yes.”

He chuckled and bit my neck as his fingers moved further down, one siding inside of me while his thumb continued its glorious assault.  His fingers pressed against my barrier and he groaned, increasing his rhythm until I shattered underneath him.

“Jesus, that’s it, God, you’re so beautiful.”  His words soothed me as I came apart and he smoothly removed his hand kissing me fiercely.  “So beautiful,” he murmured.

His erection was pressing against my thigh and my hands moved down to cup him.  “Matt, show me how…”

“Baby, not tonight.  You don’t have to do this.”

I leaned up on my elbows, “I want to.”  I was brave, empowered, “I want to taste you.  I want your beautiful cock in my hand and my mouth.”  I willed myself not to blush but the heat burned my cheeks anyway.  He didn’t care; he got up quickly and stripped.  I sat up and he settled himself between my legs.

“Lick it,” His voice was thick, “From here, to here.”  He pointed to the vein that went from his balls up to the tip.  I flattened my tongue and covered the area, and then I did it again.

“Fuck.  Ok,” His voice sounded strained, he took one of my hands in his and grabbed his cock, showing me how to hold it.  “It’s better when it’s wet, or fuck, lubricated.”

I grinned against him, loving that he was losing himself in me.  I moved one hand to the base of his shaft while the other ran up and down.  Honestly, Chelsea and I had Googled how to do this years ago but I always figured that the people were just acting.  Now I realized they probably weren’t, every sound he made seemed to electrify my body.  His hand carefully threaded through my hair and he rocked his hips against me.  I hummed against him, twirling my tongue over his glans before pulling him deep inside me.  I held him at the back of my throat and swallowed and he held me there and then released me.

“Baby, I’m going to come.”  He warned.

I pulled him deep in again and his hand went up and held me as he growled and pulsed in my mouth.  I swallowed convulsively, but I wasn’t able to take it all.  It was messy as his seed spilled out on to my hands but I didn’t care.  He was moaning incoherently, his hips thrusting until he was spent.  He withdrew from my mouth and kneeled in front of me.  He grabbed his shirt and wiped my face and hands and kissed me sweetly.  He pulled my pants off and then settled me on top of his lap.

“Matt, I…”  I started to panic, not ready for more than this.

“Shh, I just want to feel you.”  He kissed my eyes, my nose and ran his lips over my jawline pressing kisses everywhere. “You’re skin feels so amazing next to mine.”  He pulled against me, and I lay against his chest.  His skin was smooth against my hand and I followed the line from his sternum down to his happy trail.  He chuckled, “You’re tickling me.”

I grinned up at him, “You do feel very good.”  I flattened my hand against his stomach and slid it up to his shoulder while he ran his hand down my back and cupped my butt.

“When does the cast come off?”

“About two weeks.”

“Uh, Tennessee.  It will be my favorite state.”

I teased him, “Oh I see, you think the cast comes off and you get my V-card?”

He looked at me and smiled, “I know you’re teasing me.  Your cheek twitches right here when you’re joking,” he leaned down and kissed my cheek.

“I do not.”

“Mmm-hmm.”  He murmured as he kissed my neck and nibbled.  “You like that, a lot.”

“I do.” I whispered.

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