I am excited to announce my partnership with Rebecca Barray. We collaborated on this book and it has been picked up by Boroughs Publishing Group. It’s available at all major book retailers.


Two people who are imperfect alone but perfect together. Sophie Schrader moves to San Francisco to be the head chef in the cafeteria of a large technology corporation, as well as escape memories of a violent attack. William Peterson is a billionaire workaholic, with a knack for real estate and control issues. Sophie knows two things for certain, food and William Peterson makes her feel safe – so safe she sleeps nightmare free. She worries that she will lose herself in William, the man loves being in complete control. As she deals with the ghosts of her past she realizes that she reacted to life, rather than being proactive. Sophie grows in this story, learning who she truly wants to be. William obsesses over Sophie’s safety, trying to control her whole life to ensure it. He loves Sophie; and while he was never good at compromise before he’s willing to learn for her.

His eyes pleaded, “Sophie, you gotta let me do this.”

Hmm, did I?  I was thinking if his kisses made me stop thinking, perhaps my kisses would have the same effect on him.  I maneuvered, straddling his legs but sitting back far enough away from his interesting bits that I wanted to rub against but didn’t.  His eyes widened, his pupils darkened and I leaned forward and kissed him.

Oh, sweet merciful God in heaven, this man was an expert at kissing.  Soft, sweet and then controlling and possessive.  His hands were pulling at my hair, pulling me closer.  I leaned up on my knees, denying us both the contact we craved.

I bit his bottom lip and he chuckled.  Two seconds later I was on my back covered in a very large, excited man.  Damn.  His nose traced along my hairline to behind my ear and he nibbled my earlobe.  I groaned and my hands slid up the soft skin of his chest.  He placed kisses along my neck and bit hard.  Ohmigod, my body responded and my hands moved to pull him even closer.  His knee nudged between my legs making more room for him to settle.  His hand slid up from my waist to under my breast and I should protest but I didn’t want to – not really.

Oh. My. God.  He rocked his hips against me.  I was going to come.  Oh, hell.  Heavy petting on the first date.  Yes, please.  I should stop him, but, um, no – I wanted to come.  I opened my legs and slid my hands around his waist and slid them down to cup his amazing ass.  Jesus, this man was all muscle.

His tongue slid into my mouth in time with his hips and I my body responded, tightening and spiraling into a rush of pleasure.  He released my mouth, watching me as I succumbed to the gentle orgasm.

“Fuck, you’re so beautiful.”  His hips tilted roughly and his hand massaged and pinched my breast.

Yup, there it was.  The elusive orgasm.  It hit me hard and I was sure I was making an ugly orgasm face but I didn’t care.  I had been unable to orgasm for months now.  Something about getting cut by a bitch did things to my psyche.  I held on to him, rocking into him until I realized how selfish I had been.

“Wow.”  I buried my head in his neck.  He turned his face and kissed me, nibbling at my lips softly.  His teeth tugged at my bottom lip and he moved, settling his elbows at my shoulders.

“You sure you don’t want to spend the night?”  He looked at me sweetly; he was asking not commanding me.  I shook my head no and he bent down and kissed me.  He whispered, “You’re my girlfriend.”

Well, yeah, I suppose I was.  I mean really, it wasn’t like I was planning on meeting anyone new and I definitely wanted to see where this went.  I nodded and he grunted, “Fuck, yeah.”  He bit my neck again, “And you’re going to let me keep you safe.”  I stiffened but he lowered his torso on me, still letting me breathe but definitely in my space.  “You’re going to let me keep you safe because I need it.  I need you to be safe, sweet Sophie.  I gotta know that you’re safe.”


“Yeah, oh.  Got it?”  He said repeating my words back to me.

“Yes.” I assented.

He quickly stood up and grabbed my hand pulling me up with him.  He was smiling, “Yeah?”

“Yes.”  I rolled up on my toes and kissed his chin.  His huge penis was poking me in the gut.  I looked down at it and then up at him.

He shook his head, “Not tonight, Babe.  Not until you’re ready.”

“That doesn’t seem fair.”  I whispered.

He laughed, “You’re pouting.  That’s adorable.”  He leaned down and kissed my nose.

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