Love at First Slight: Aidan and Olivia

Love at First Slight: Aidan and Olivia

Olivia never has good luck, so when she wins concert tickets and back stage passes, she’s reluctant to go. What if she discovers the band is a bunch of jerks? Her best friend, however, is determined to go and have some fun. By fun, she means sex with a hot guy. Olivia agrees, only because her friend Laura needs something to bring her out of her depression after her divorce. What she didn’t count on was meeting Aidan. He looked as out of place as she felt, and when he tries to strike up a conversation with him she strikes him down. Honestly, why would fate be so cruel as to introduce you to your soul mate when you are feeling positively snarky?

Good thing Aidan has a sense of humor.

His eyes had an intensity I’d never seen before. Up close I could see that the chocolate brown was rimmed in emerald green and there were amazing gold flecks scattered throughout his iris. I lowered my gaze to his full lips that were framed by his dark brown mustache and beard. I wondered how his beard could look so rugged and feel so soft. And those lips. Damn. The man had great lips capable of mind blowing kisses.

“Liv?” He whispered, bringing me out of my reverie.

“I haven’t dated anyone for quite a while.” I quietly whispered, “Like maybe three years.” I felt his arm tighten around me and heard a low growl.

“Get the cake to go.” He ordered.

Oh, I liked where his head was at.

I was unable to hold a conversation with him. My head was filled with images of him naked next to me, on me. My body heated and I could feel my internal muscles clench with wanting. Oh my God, I thought I was going to have sex for the first time in three years. What if he didn’t want me? He looked incredibly handsome, but I saw tension in his jaw, he was clenching his teeth. His hands were wrapped tightly around the wheel, almost to the point of whitening his knuckles. This was not the time to lose self-confidence. He tilted his head toward me and gasped.

“You look scared.” He sounded worried, “I’m sorry, I know I’m coming on strong.” He reached his hand out and grabbed mine and kissed my fingers gently. He held it against his heart, and I could feel a steady strong beat.

“Are you ok?” He asked hesitantly.

I wished I could be sassy right now. I wished I could be light and funny, or even sexy. Instead all I could do was be completely honest.

“I’m nervous.”

He looked defeated. “I’m sorry.” He muttered, “God, I’m acting like a caveman.” I felt the car slow, like he had taken his foot off the accelerator.

A small smile played at my lips and I leaned closer to him, “Honestly, I’m pretty sure you could have taken me in the back seat of the car while it was in the parking lot.”

“Sweet Jesus Liv, you’re going to kill me.” He whispered and I felt the car speed up again.

I couldn’t help but grin. “Me?”

He groaned, “You have no idea, do you?” His eyes focused on the road and he continued, “Since the moment I saw you, you are the only thing I’ve thought about. Then I find out that you are incredibly sweet, generous, kind and brilliant. I hate that you are leaving for a month.”

I couldn’t speak. I felt my blood pulsing through my veins, heard it in my ears. God, what this man did to me… He glanced over and I thought he was expecting a response, so I tried. What did I really want to say? That I hated that I’m leaving. That I hated that he didn’t live here. That I hated that I was already worried about when he would leave, I would be here, broken-hearted and hating that I fell so quickly for this man. Instead, all I could say was, “Aidan, will you stay with me tonight?”

“Thank you, yes.” It was almost a breath.

When he pulled his car into my driveway, he unbuckled my seat and picked up our desert. I slid out of his car and wondered if his sister would mind him keeping the car overnight.

He wrapped his arm around my waist as we walked up to the front door and I managed to get the door open. I am not ashamed to admit that my hands were shaking slightly, both from the nervousness of finally having sex after three years and also because he was so damn sweet, and charming, and frickin’ handsome and he wanted me. He dropped the bag beside the door and locked it and then pushed me against the wall and kissed me fiercely. My arms wrapped around his shoulders, he was so tall that I was perched on my toes. His hands went around and grabbed my ass and he pulled me up. I naturally put my legs around his waist and he was so strong I felt safe in his arms.

His lips began to gently nibble at my mine and he rested his forehead against me. “Bedroom?”

“Second door,” I managed to say and he walked us toward the bedroom, my legs still wrapped around him.

“I can walk,” I whispered.

“No baby, I’ve got you.” Moments later he stopped beside my bed and I lowered myself to the floor. His hand pulled my dress over my head and he knelt in front of me, kissing my belly gently. “Your skin is so soft.” He mumbled as he kissed from one hip bone to the other side.

My hands tangled in his hair. It was so soft and I felt myself tremble as his hands slowly traced from my hips up my back. He gently nudged me on to the bed and stood between my thighs.

“I want to taste you, please.” His voice was as full of need as I felt. Was that even possible? I couldn’t even speak, my head jerked in assent and a wicked smile crossed his face. His thumbs hitched under my panties and he slowly drew them down my legs. He threw them on to the floor and carefully removed my shoes. He picked up my left foot and kissed my big toe and then trailed kisses over my arch and then hitched my foot over his shoulder as he knelt between my thighs. Holy shit. Anticipation literally made me shake and made me embarrassed and unsure.

His words calmed me, “Your skin is so soft. I knew it would be. God, I need to taste you. Please Olivia.”

His fingers massaged my legs gently and his lips followed. I was on fire;my body nearly flew off the bed at his touch. My hands fumbled at his shoulders and he leaned back and quickly tugged his shirt off and threw it in the general direction of my panties. I couldn’t help but be awed by the man before me. I thought he was stocky, but he’s not. He was incredibly muscular, but not in a body-builder way. This muscle has been formed by work, not a gym. Broad shoulders that tapered down to incredibly sexy hips. His chest was covered in a light dusting of hair and my hands traced the hard planes of his chest. His skin is warm, heating my hands. He kissed me passionately, leaving me breathless before settling between my thighs.

Oh. My. God. His tongue assaulted me in the most sensual way possible. The man was exploring my core and sending electricity throughout my body. I felt my orgasm gathering rapidly and I relished the moment, trying to make it last as long as possible. His tongue focused on my clit, teasing and sucking and he slipped a finger inside and I came undone, completely.

As I returned to earth I was vaguely aware that he was kissing my belly, moving slowly toward my navel. He hand was palming my clit and two fingers were massaging my insides, and it felt amazing. Just the right amount of pressure. God, he was really good at this.

“What is this?”He asked huskily. His finger was pushing against my ortho nuvo ring, and I suddenly felt embarrassed.

“Birth control ring.” I whispered.


I leaned up on my elbows and he looked up at me. His face was now between my breasts and his hand was continuing its perfect movements. Really? He wanted to have a conversation right now?

“Yes.” My voice came out as a husky breath as he’s turned his hand over and now his thumb circled around my clit and his fingers were pressing against my g-spot.

I gasped, “I, oh God, don’t stop.”

He chuckled and his head lowered on my breast, his teeth gently pulling my nipple and I came undone, again. Jesus. I have never, ever, ever felt so amazing in all my life. He was so giving, so perfect. I felt completely safe in his arms and I wanted to please him too.

My hands pulled him up, “Kiss me, Aidan.”

He quickly covered me with his body and kissed my lips gently. His placed his hands on either side of my head and his groin rested between my thighs. One hand managed to free me from my bra while I was fumbling with his belt and the button on the top of his jeans. His kisses intensified and he sighed, leaning his forehead against mine.

“Liv, I’ve never… Baby, please I need to be inside you. Just us.”

I was confused, I didn’t understand. Was he planning on inviting someone over?

He stood up and shucked his jeans off, and took a condom from his front pocket. He looked at me intently. My eyes dropped to the impressive erection straining towards me.

“Do you want me to use a condom?” His voice is low, barely above a whisper.

Ahh, just us. Now I get it. I’ve never not used a condom either, and yet I trusted him.

“You don’t have to.” I whispered and he growled before covering my body with his. I tilted my pelvis up to meet him and he thrust in, violently.

I groaned against his intrusion, it had been so long since I had sex.

“Shit, you’re so tight.” He groaned and stilled. “Are you ok?” He asked between pants.

I nuzzled against his cheek, “I’m in heaven.” My voice sounded strange to my ears, low and husky.

“You are so perfect, Liv. You feel so amazing.” His words relaxed me and he moved slowly, in and out. He trailed kisses from my ear down my neck and he bit my shoulder as his thrusts intensified. I met him thrust for thrust and was surprised as an intense orgasm hit me with no warning at all.

“Fuck!” He growled as my orgasm clenched tightly around him sending him over. He thrust in three more times before I felt him release against me. He changed his position slightly and he continued to come. He lost total self-control. His strong arms were pulling me toward him with each of his thrusts and I was sure I’d have bruises. And I didn’t care. I loved that I made him come undone like this. I loved that he was lost in me.

He thrust one last time and growled and then gently lowered himself and rolled us over so I was lying halfway on top of him.

His hands gently slid down my back and cupped my bottom.

“I can’t move.” He mumbled.

“I don’t want you to move.” I replied.

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