Love at First Slight: Joe and Nikki

Joe and Nikki

Nikki would do anything to protect her nephew who she has raised as her own son since he was six months old, including marrying a tall, dark, stranger who seems too good to be true.

Joe can’t believe his luck when he realizes that the woman who he has been obsessing over needs his protection. He’s willing to give it, but at a price. He wants her. He wants a chance at a real marriage, not the fake one she suggests and he intends to get what he wants.

By the time we made it to my apartment complex I had managed to calm down just slightly.  When I opened her door I stopped her from sliding out of the car.

“Darlin,’ I’m sorry I pulled you out of the party so quickly.  If you want me to take you home, I’ll understand.”

She raised an eyebrow and swung her legs out the door.  “Joe, if you don’t have me naked in five minutes I will seriously hurt you.”

I don’t think her feet touched the ground.  I had her inside our apartment in about fifteen seconds.  I closed the front door and locked it.  As I turned around her hands went up to my tie, pulling at the knot.  I shrugged out of my jacket while her hands unbuttoned my shirt.

“Oh sweet Jesus,” she breathed as she opened my shirt.  Her head dipped down and she began kissing my chest.  Her hand traced over the tattoo on my right pec.  She looked up at me and then kissed the scars gently.  Her hands wrapped around my waist and her nails gently traced up and down my spine.

I kicked my shoes off and gently unbuttoned those four buttons that had been on my mind all day long.  My hands trembled, but finally, when the last button was undone her dress fell open.  God, she was perfection.

My hands traced up from her navel up to her shoulders and pushed her dress off.  I growled when she stood in front of me in a peach lace bra and matching panties.  She shuddered as my hand slowly traced her lace bra cups.  I wanted to go slow, savor each moment.  I kissed the tops of her breasts and pushed the lace cups down.  God, she tasted amazing.  Her nipple hardened in my mouth between my lips and teeth.  I played with her other nipple, worrying it between my thumb and fingers while my other hand traveled down and covered her mound.  Her head tilted back against the wall as she opened her stance for me.  Her hands traveled over my head to my shoulders and back again.  Her hips bucked under my hand and I could feel how wet she was.  I needed a taste.  I knelt down in front of her and lowered her panties and balanced one of her legs over my shoulder.

“Joe, I’ll fall.” She protested.  She quieted when my tongue slid between her lips.  Her hand rested on my shoulder and she had tilted her hips toward me, opening herself wider to me.

She began to whimper and her hand tightened on my shoulder as I felt her tremble.  I slid a single finger in and suckled her clit and she came suddenly and fiercely.

“Joe, please…”  She breathed.

I stood up and scooped up her knees in one arm and supported her back with the other.  Her panties and shoes fell off in the hall and I couldn’t wait for her bra to follow.  Her body was gorgeous, soft and supple, and her skin was like satin.

“Joe!”  She giggled.  “I’m too heavy!”

“No, darlin’ you’re perfect.”  She settled against my chest as I strode into my bedroom.  I set her down in front of my bed and her hands went to my belt quickly unfastening it.  She knelt in front of me pulling my pants and briefs down.

“Oh. My.”  Her mouth went straight to my cock and she slid her tongue over the crown before sliding down on my shaft.

“Fuck, baby, I’ll come too soon.”  She looked up and gave me a wicked smile.  She slowly licked me from my balls, up my shaft before kissing the tip.  I reached down and hooked my hands under her arms and tossed her on to the bed.  She giggled and leaned up on her elbows watching me crawl on top of her.  She had managed to free herself from her bra and looked glorious laid out and ready for me on my bed.  I tucked my hands under her shoulders and kissed her with the possessiveness I felt.  I would remember this moment for the rest of my life.  I was going to finally make her mine.

Her legs wrapped around my back and she nudged me toward her opening.

I managed to maintain a small semblance of control before turning into a rutting animal.  “Baby, are you on birth control?”

“Yes.”  She tilted her hips closer and I lost it.

I slid in between her slick folds slowly, she was almost too tight.  I stopped suddenly when I felt something blocking me.  Could she be a virgin?


“It’s not what you think.”  She said quickly.  “Joe, please, don’t stop.”

“I couldn’t if I wanted to, baby.”  I slid out and then thrust in and held her close; she flinched slightly but then wrapped her arms around my shoulders.  “Darlin’, are you alright?”

“Mmm.”  She bit my ear, “So much better than alright.”

I slid out and in slowly a few times, “Is this ok, darlin’?”

“Faster, please.”  God, she was so polite, so damn sweet.  She tightened her inner muscles around my cock.  She was already so tight around me, hot and slick.  The feeling was better than anything I had ever experienced before.  I became the rutting animal I was afraid I would be, but she held on and countered my movements.  When I felt my balls tighten she tightened herself and moaned and I completely emptied my entire being into her.  She had my body and soul.  I had bitten her neck and found myself suckling her skin as I came back to reality.  She was clasped tightly around me and her womb was still pulsing around me, our hearts were beating synchronously, our breaths finally slowed.

I lifted my head and looked at her, “Nikki, I love you.  Please, baby, be my wife.”

She cried and then giggled and nodded her head yes.  I leaned down to kiss her again and she devoured me.  We kissed and cuddled for a long time before I finally slid out and rolled onto my back.

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