Love at First Slight: Matt and Kate

Love at First Slight: Matt and Kate

Matt’s baby sister married Kate’s big brother, and now he’s left with her living in his townhouse. She’s beautiful, tiny, and she’s probably ten years younger and definitely too opinionated and stubborn for him.

Kate can’t believe that her new sister-in-law, Liv, was able to tolerate living with the overbearing, over-protective ex-Army major. She can’t stand the fact that she’s already told him her darkest secret. Somehow this beefcake has managed to make her trust again. Not all men, but definitely him.

Sparks fly between the two until finally Matt has had enough and follows through on Kate’s flirtation. Kate can’t stand the idea of having a romantic and obviously incredibly passionate relationship with this man who she’ll never be rid of. He will be at every Christmas and every birthday party because he is now part of her family. She tries to slow things down between them but Matt resists.

Too bad for Kate that her overbearing, overprotective roommate has recognized that she is his perfect mate. Once the Major has an objective there is no stopping him in succeeding with his plan.

She was going to kill me, torturing me with touches until I had a heart attack. After our run this morning, she asked if I could use my weights. Long ago I converted the garage into my weight room and Liv was smart enough to not touch anything. So, I found myself standing over her while she reclined on my weight bench. Her tank top was wet and clinging to her after our seven mile run. Her legs were smooth and bent over the sides of the bench and I could just picture myself…

Fuck, I had a hard on and I was standing over her head, my hands holding the bar as she lowered it on to her chest.

“You can let go, Matt. I’m sure I can lift, what, twenty pounds over my head.” She crabbed.

I took a half step back and watched as she lifted it unevenly.

“Tink, your form sucks.” I stepped forward and evened the bar out. “Try and keep it parallel to the floor.”

She did six more reps and I helped her put it back.

“Haven’t you ever used free weights before?” I asked.

She shook her head, “No, school has nautilus machines in the gym. I just used those.” She rolled her shoulders, “This is really different.”

“Yeah, I don’t want you using the bar without me here.” I walked over to my free weights, “You can use these anytime you want.”

She joined me and nudged me with her hip, “Yeah, uh, I might have to work up to that.”

I shrugged, the smallest weight I had was twenty pounds. “Use two hands.” I picked up one and handed it to her and showed her some basic moves. I was standing behind her, my cock slapping her back each time she moved against me but she didn’t say anything. In fact, Tink seemed to be intentionally teasing me. I caught her leaning against me and I growled in her ear, “Careful, Tink. You’re playing with fire.” Fuck. I stepped away and headed for a cold shower. If I wasn’t careful, I’d end up buried deep inside her, and I was pretty sure that she wasn’t ready for that.

At two, she walked out of her room wearing a blue sundress and floral sneakers. Cute. Tink never wore much makeup but she had put some on that brought out the green in her eyes. She had her hair pinned back from her face somehow, but long in the back. Dammit, I wanted her. So would every other guy at the party. She was seriously trying to kill me. She pulled a fruit salad out of the fridge and smiled at me.

“Are we taking your car or mine?” She asked like she didn’t know the answer.


She gave me the directions and twenty minutes later we were at some apartment complex in Santa Clara. Kelly had rented out the pool-house for her party. As soon as Tink set down the fruit bowl on a table I grabbed her hand. No fuckin’ way any guy was getting within two feet of her today.

She slipped her hand out of mine to give Kelly a hug, and quickly introduced us. I slid my hand around her waist and willed my cock to remain dormant. I scanned the room, Tink pointed out Kelly’s parents who were animatedly talking to another couple. A third couple joined them and I recognized the man as one of the state senators.  Two guys came in grabbed beers and then left, and I felt Tink tense as one of them looked at her and then glanced away.

Kelly was rambling on about something that seemed to be interesting to Tink.

“Want to?” She asked me.

I shrugged, “Sure.” Fuck. I needed to pay attention to something other than keeping my cock down.

She grinned and pulled me outside to a basketball court. Kelly called out, “Gals against Guys.”

The prick Greg was already out there playing with three other guys. Two of them were the ones who got the beers. “That doesn’t seem fair,” Greg said good-naturedly.

Kelly looked over at Tink and winked, “It’s just a game, sweetie. Let’s have some fun.”

I leaned down and whispered in Tink’s ear. “Guy in blue shirt him?” She knew what I meant. Was that the prick that hurt her? She caught my eye and nodded.

Greg tossed the ball lightly to Kelly, who grinned. “Ok boys, five on five, half court, first to fifteen wins. Ladies first.”

Quick introductions were made and I found out the shit head’s name was Mark. Tink leaned into me, giving me a hug and whispered, “Just play the game, ok?”

I nodded and stood waiting to see what these girls thought they could do. Kelly did a hard pass to Tink, who stood at the three point line, turned, and easily sank the ball.

Kelly high-fived her and said, “One down, four to go.”

Greg took the ball out and passed it to a tall kid named Tim. Tink covered him, and batted the ball away so fast I don’t even think Tim knew it had happened. Rori got the ball and tossed it up to the backboard where it bounced off and back to Tink. She caught it easily and smirking, she shot another perfect three-pointer. Fuck. I needed to get my head into this game or we were going to be beat by a bunch of girls.

I chuckled as the girls high-fived and slapped each other’s butts. Greg took the ball out and passed it to me. He grunted about seeing what the ‘old man’ had. I watched as Tink slowly moved forward, her eyes watching my hips. Damn, the girl knew how to play. I faked a pass to the left and she didn’t move. Instead she lunged forward and stepped between my legs, tripping me. I fell on my ass as I saw her turn and throw another three point shot.

“Foul!” Greg shouted out but Kelly admonished him.

“Dude, we’re just having some fun, right?” Tink teased. She held her hand out and helped me up.

“You’re going to pay for that, sweetheart.” I warned.

She pushed air out between her lips mocking me, “Like you would follow through.” She turned and sashayed away. Fuck it. Three strikes and you’re out, three times she’s taunted me; if she wanted me to follow through, she’d have it.

Greg took the ball out and again passed it to me, but I rushed forward and did a slam-dunk. The guys cheered in appreciation but Tink just smirked.

Kelly took the ball out and passed it to Tink who turned to throw it in, but this time I covered her. She dribbled the ball low and I pressed my chest to her back. Finally she stood up and passed the ball to Rori, who passed it back to Becca. Becca tossed it back to Rori and then, to my surprise, Tink had the ball and was across the court. She made another fuckin’ three pointer.

I looked at her amused, amazed, and a little awed. “You’re very fast.”

She wrinkled her nose at me, “Not really, you’re just really slow, Freddy.” Was that taunt number four?

This time when Greg passed the ball to me I passed it right back. Rori easily stole it from him and instead of passing the ball to Tink; she threw it towards the basket. We all watched as the ball hit the rim and went around twice before falling into the basket.

Kelly giggled, “And that, boys, is how the game is played.”

Rori pulled off her shirt, and shucked off her shorts revealing a blue bikini. “Pool time!” she shouted just before she jumped into the pool. Tink looked over at me and tilted her head.

“Did you bring a suit?”

I looked down at my shorts, “What you see is what you get, sweetheart.”

She watched me as she pulled her dress over her head and set it on a table. She toed her sneakers off and winked as she stepped over to the pool. She was wearing a red bikini that covered all her parts, but left nothing to the imagination. I pulled my phone and wallet out of my pocket and threw my t-shirt on top of it. I kicked off my shoes and scooped her up and jumped in with her in my hands.

“Shit!” She spluttered as her head popped back up from under the water and pushed at my shoulders. I grabbed her waist and pulled her in close.

“I promised you payback.” I said and she relaxed and threaded her legs around my waist, her hands rested on my shoulders. She felt soft and she smelled amazing.

“What does payback consist of?” She breathed.

Fuck. I pulled her in close to me and her breasts crushed against my chest. Her eyes widened, but I could feel her pulling me closer. I leaned in and kissed her. Softly at first, since last night that was all I had thought about. Wondered what she would taste like. Wondered if she would kiss me back. She centered herself over my hard-on as her fingers pulled my head closer to hers.

I grabbed her ass and ground her into me, while I opened my mouth and willed her to do the same. Her tongue tentatively sought out mine and I claimed it. Fuck, I was claiming her with every cell in my body. She was mine. It was like something clicked in my soul, recognizing her as my mate.

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