Rebound Baby

Rebound Baby

Allie’s sister Em does a total makeover transformation on her, encouraging to leave all her bad Jack-mojo behind and have some fun. Em’s advice leads to the best night of her life and a pregnancy. She thinks she’ll put the baby up for adoption. She’s warned that unless Daniel relinquishes his parental rights, the adoptive parents may lose the child they’ve assumed was there’s for months. When she meets Daniel again, she falls in love and is not sure how to explain that he’s the father.

When she runs into Daniel again, he doesn’t recognize her, but he’s still drawn to her. He pursues her, and finally convinces her to go out on a date. He wants to help her find the father, even says he’ll go with her to tell her parents about the baby. He recognizes Allie is in turmoil, raised by a controlling father, and not sure what she wants anymore. She’s torn between wanting to keep this baby, and the consequences. Disgusted that he may have done that to a woman, he searches for the woman, only to discover it’s Allie.

“Hello, I’m Daniel.” He held out his hand and she shook it.

“Hello my name is Brooks,” she said it quietly hoping he wouldn’t hear her name.

He misunderstood and said, “Good evening, Brooke, you look amazing tonight. I like the way you wear that dress.”

Allie blinked, her mouth went slack, she loved the way he looked at her hungry, wanting.  The feeling of pure adrenaline coursed through her body.  She glanced quickly at Em who winking and nodding her head yes in approval.  Her stomach clenched and she managed to say seductively, “I’d rather it be on the floor by your bed.”  She was shocked by the sound of her own voice, not recognizing the lust.

He chuckled, “Are you in a rush tonight?”

She looked into his ice blue eyes, and for a moment her bravado left her.  She answered honestly, “No tonight I wish to be worshipped.  Are you up for the job?”

He took her hand and led her to the center of the patio pulling her in close, enveloping her in his long, arms, dancing with her.  He was taller than her by at least four inches even with heels on.  His body was an athlete’s, and he looked more like a grad student than an undergrad.  She felt his strong back muscles through the fabric of his polo shirt.  Her fingers danced lightly up to his brown wavy hair, and then they made their way slowly down his spine feeling each muscle tense as she touched it.  He groaned and captured her mouth when her fingertips dug below his waistband.  He pushed against her hips, and she could feel him growing.  It made her feel powerful.  She had never had this effect on a man before, and she had never responded this way either.

She was not expecting a kiss like this.  It was needy, making her abandon herself into that feeling of heated passion.  His hand grabbed her hair into a ponytail, wrapping it around his fist as he tilted her head to the side and then bit her neck.  She gasped, but not because it hurt, it sent desire straight through her body.  She may have doubted her sister’s advice about moving on and getting over Jack before, but right now all she could think of was the way this man was making her feel so desired, so sexy. She felt like a goddess in his arms.  Jack’s taunts about her frigidity disappeared as she moved against his taut body.  The song ended and a new one began, his hands found their way to her hips and ground her against him.  She glanced around the patio, hoping no one she knew was there to witness the fact that she was about to climb on this man in public.

He groaned, “I could take you right now. Come back to my hotel with me.”

Panic rippled through her, she didn’t think she could go through with it.  Trying to sound shameless instead of frightened she said lightly, “No, I’m like Cinderella; this magic is for here and now only.”  There was no way she would leave the party; Em had made her promise that.  It wasn’t safe, but safe was a very subjective word right now.

He took her hand and made their way through the crowd into the frat house.   He brought her up a flight of steps, turned left and opened a door.  She went willingly.  He pulled her in and slammed her against the door.  She heard him lock the door as he put his palms on either side of her head and pinned her body against the door with his hips.

“Is this what you want princess?”  His voice was rough, and when she looked in his eyes she thought she saw pain along with the hunger.

She lowered her eyes, “I want you, tonight.” She moved her hands to the front of his jeans, unbuttoning his jeans, and sliding her hands inside.  She grinned at his murmurs, encouraging her to continue.

His hands pulled the front of her halter dress apart, freeing and thrusting her breasts forward.  He bent down kissing and gently biting one, while his fingers mimicked the movement on her other breast.  The sensations were intense, making her insides clench and her body beg for more.  Her hands traveled into his pants, sliding down his shaft until he pulled away.

For a moment she saw pain again in his eyes or was it uncertainty, but then he kissed her, bringing them both back into the moment.  No pain.  No guilt.  Just lust.  The lust made her brave, holding his gaze she knelt in front of him, slowly taking him into her mouth.  Massaging him with her tongue as she took him further and further in, slowly releasing him and then taking him again.  This was safer, she felt, she was desired; he made her feel like a woman.  She could do this.  Anonymous sex was not something she had ever done before and would never do again, she promised herself.  But tonight, she wasn’t herself.  Tonight she was Brooke.  Tonight she was a woman who wasn’t afraid of intimacy without feeling.  Tonight she didn’t want feelings, she didn’t even want true intimacy, she wanted sex, she wanted him to want her.  His head tilted back as his hips began to move, giving himself over to the pleasure.  His fingers threaded through her hair as he pumped again and again, she felt him harden and as he tried to pull away she grabbed his thighs and took him to the back of her throat and swallowed.

“I’m not going to last,” he murmured it, almost in a tortured voice and she sucked harder, pushed him further in and swallowed as he shuddered in her mouth.  She released him slowly licking her way up, pleased that he had lost himself in her.

He pulled her up, kissing her mouth, teasing it with his tongue.  He pushed her gently towards the bed, laying her down on her back and trailing kisses down her neck, her breasts, his hands finding her legs.  His thumbs hooked into her panties and as he pulled at them she tensed.

“It’s my turn to worship you princess.” His voice was sincere and she almost squeaked in fear.

She gasped as he continued pulling them down, now she was nervous.  Now she felt like Allie, and being here, in a room with a strange man filled her doubts.  She trembled slightly as he kissed her gently inside her thigh.

“You are so beautiful,” he whispered, “You deserve veneration.”  He kissed up her thigh and down the other side, slowly trailing his fingers down over her stomach, her hips.  “Let me indulge in you.”

She chuckled, her brain finally able to function and create a full sentence, “You are a smooth talker.”

“Let me share my silver tongue with you baby,” he buzzed.  She tilted her head back; that line was so corny it was endearing.  It did the trick and she relaxed, until he blew air across her labia and followed it with his tongue.

She trembled at his touch and cursed, he swiped his tongue again, finding the knot of nerves and working his tongue around it.  He was teasing her, taking his time, and truly giving her indulgent pleasure.  And if she could just relax and enjoy it, she thought.

His finger slid inside her folds and she arched toward him.  Her hands fisted in the sheets and he continued his assault, now with two fingers, finding the spot that made her whimper.   It was so intense, she reveled in the pleasure, feeling herself giving in to him, giving herself over to the sensations he bestowed.  He was worshipping her. He felt her tighten around him and he pushed harder, faster, she met him with her hips until she cried out and spasmed around him.

She was panting as he kissed his way back up, pulling her dress up.

“Take this off princess.”  She looked at him, surprised, and he grinned, pushing his erection against her thigh, “Look what you do to me.”

“I don’t have a condom,” she whispered.

He looked at her wickedly, and she wondered when he took his pants off.  He reached over to the night stand and fumbled through the drawer until he found his prize.  Electricity flew through her at the look he gave her.  She thought for just a moment that she was not up to this challenge, and then she looked into his eyes and melted.  He was so handsome, ice blue eyes, sandy brown hair, and a square jaw, with just a hint of stubble.  She lifted her arms, letting him pull her dress off, and then returned the favor, pulling his shirt over his head.  He leaned forward, scooping her up so that she straddled his lap.  He ripped the foil open and slowly rolled the condom down his shaft.  The sight of his hands on himself made her breath hitch.

“I want to savor this,” his voice was seductive; his hands gripped her hips firmly as he lifted her over him and slowly lowered her down.

She hissed as she felt him enter her, tightening around him.  He held her up, bent his head down to her breast and nibbled and kissed until he felt her relax and slid her down another inch.

“Jesus you’re so tight.  Are you ok?” his voice was hoarse.

“Go slow,” she panted.  Luxuriating in the feeling of him filling her, stretching her to an almost painful sensation.  She rested her hands on his shoulders and pushed down until he filled her completely.

“Oh fuuuck,” she moaned, and he felt her spasm around her.

“That’s right princess, feel me.  You feel so good, I want to be in you all night,” he rumbled and she lost it, calling out incoherently as another orgasm rippled through her.  She stilled finally and kissed his face, his eyes, moved down to his mouth and then moving her hips against him slowly at first and then picking up the pace.  She should have been embarrassed by her desire, but she wasn’t, she just wanted more.

The intensity between them increased, and she found herself staring at the wonder in his eyes as she felt him push against her, he slowed the rhythm, teasing her, testing her patience.  He held her hips, forcing her down and against him and slowly increased the rhythm.

“Come again for me princess, I want to feel it.”  He kissed her ear, her neck, traveling his lips and teeth and nibbled gently as he thrust up again.

His stubble against her shoulder sensitized her skin, and when he bit, she came again, hard.  She kissed him hard, her tongue twisting with his as she came, meeting him as he thrust again and again until she finally relaxed, laying her head against his shoulder and mumbling,  “Thank you, I needed you tonight, thank you.”   She kissed his shoulder and moved slowly against him, somehow he had managed to give her an intense orgasm and he was still ready to play.  Feeling sheepish that she had been so selfish, she asked playfully, “What can I do for you?”

He grinned lustily, “Come again while I fuck you hard.”  He lifted her up and nodded toward the head of the bed, “On your knees, princess.”

She grinned lasciviously and did as he bid.  He pushed her legs apart as he settled in between her thighs and propelled himself forward.  Her hands gripped the headboard as he drove into her.

Anger at his wife spilled over and he found himself pushing against her more forcefully than he thought possible.  She held her ground, he couldn’t even remember her name now, and it pissed him off even more.

His voice was rough when he asked, “You like this princess?”

She turned her head so he could see her eye, and for a second he thought he saw fear.  He slowed and slid his hand around her waist, finding her clitoris and gently massaging.  She turned forward and arched toward him, moaning.

Jesus she was the hottest woman he had ever made love with, she was insatiable, erotic, passionate.  She pushed against him, meeting his thrusts and encouraging him to increase the pace until it felt like he was slamming into her.  He felt her tighten and her panting became harsher.  He slapped her ass hard and she screamed out, her orgasm shuddering through her, pushing him into his own climax.

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