Rebound Baby, Too

Rebound Baby, Too

Anna Kincaid’s celebrates her divorce by engaging in the best one night stand of her life with an account executive from her work. Although, dating interns is definitely taboo, Jake doesn’t care. He recognizes Anna is something special and he’s ready to risk everything for the chance to know her. Anna doesn’t trust her instincts when it comes to men. After all, her first husband was Prince Charming, right until she was no longer the damsel in distress; then he became controlling and mean. When she realizes she’s pregnant she’s not sure she can trust Jake’s intentions. Would he marry her because it’s the right thing to do? She’s not willing to settle in marriage ever again. Can she trust that it’s more than infatuation? Jake works hard to prove to that he’s serious about their relationship. He knows that she’s his perfect match; she’s brilliant, funny, and beautiful. She is his better half he just needs to convince her to trust herself again.

Jake’s lips twitched and he stepped closer to her.  She was tense but Jake wrapped his arms around her waist.  His body was warm and hard under her hands which didn’t soothe her nerves.  It stoked them.  She sighed and whispered, “Can we just, you know, get naked?”

Jake leaned back and looked at her.  “There’s no need to rush this.  How long has it been?”

Crap.  Really?  “Four years.”  She admitted honestly, “I’m totally out of practice and I’m nervous as hell.”  She backed away from him. “This was a bad idea.”  Humiliation washed over her.

He stood frozen.  “Four years?”

Dear God, please kill me now.  Maybe a tornado could come by?

He reached out and grabbed her hand.  “Oh Baby, I promise you that you made a good decision.”

The corners of her mouth twisted up. “Yeah?”

“Oh, yeah.”  He pulled Anna close to him and captured her lips.  He kissed her gently at first and as she relaxed he slid his tongue into her mouth. She heard herself moan.  She relaxed further against him, her hands moving down from his waist and grabbing his ass.  Salacious thoughts tumbled through her head.  Jesus, he had an amazing ass.  She wanted to lick that ass.  And his pecs.  What if he didn’t like to be licked?

Her fingers were massaging his back and butt and her hips canted toward him, rubbing against his erection.  Her breath caught in her chest…  Holy hell, he was hung!  Not that she had much experience, but she was pretty sure he was poking up above his waist band.  It was twitching.  Oh my God.  She reached for his waistband but he twisted his hips away.  He kissed her soundly and grabbed her face between his huge hands.

He bit her bottom lip. “Four years means you are due at least four orgasms before my pants came off.”

Oh, holy hell.  She swallowed, unable to speak.  His fingers unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off her shoulders.  His eyes opened wide and his jaw dropped at the sight of her ivory bustier.

“Jesus, do you dress like this all the time?”  His voice was strangled.  If possible, his cock grew in his pants, straining against the zipper of his jeans and probably leaving painful imprints.

She nodded. “I like pretty underwear.”

“Oh, sweet Jesus,” he groaned.  “If I had known…  Fuck the cameras.”  He quickly unzipped her skirt and fell to his knees.  She wore a matching lace thong, and he could smell her excitement.  He noticed the banana tattooed on her right hip. He looked up at her questioningly and she shrugged.

“I told you I was a little wild…” Her voice trailed off as his fingers lightly traced the tattoo.  Electricity tickled across her skin and she fought the tremors.

“A banana?”

“Anna banana,” she sighed as his hot breath kissed her skin.

He leaned in and nibbled her pubis, pulling the lace to the side and sliding his tongue along her seam.  Her body trembled and her breath came out in short pants.  She wanted to lie down because her legs wouldn’t handle holding her upright any longer.  She braced her hands on his shoulders and stepped out of the skirt.  He placed her on the bed, lying against her for just a moment, trailing kisses from her lips down her body until he knelt between her thighs.

“Oh?”  She squeaked and tried to sit up.

“You need to lie back and just enjoy this.”  He slid his thumbs under the small satin bands that held her thong in place and pulled it down her thighs, his fingertips sliding over her skin.  She melted under the heat of his fingertips.  His touch was light but it didn’t tickle, it burned.

“Relax, Anna.  Just enjoy.  You deserve this.  I want to make your fantasies come true.  Can you tell them to me?”  He laced his fingers with hers, pulling her hands above her shoulders.  He kissed her lips chastely and looked into Anna’s eyes.  “Listen to me, Anna.  I want you to leave your hands here.  I just want you to enjoy me, enjoy the sensations.  That’s your job tonight.  I want you to just feel, to tell me what you want, to let me please you in any way you want.”

Tears stung her eyes.  When had anyone ever been so generous?  She would not cry, she reprimanded herself.  Now was not the time to get emotional.  This was sex.  Nothing personal.  Except, he was looking at her like it was personal.

“I don’t think I can,” she said honestly, finally trusting her voice to sound normal.  She couldn’t tell him her desires; she had spent too long denying that side of herself.

“Then let me please you.  Tell me what you like.”  He leaned down and peppered kisses down over her covered chest to her navel.  His tongue dipped and tickled and she felt him smile against her stomach.

She whispered shyly, “I want to feel your skin.”

He grinned and stood up, rewarding her request by pulling his shirt over his head.  Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.  She had to consciously remind herself not to drool.  He pulled condoms from his pocket and tossed them on the bed.  She hadn’t even thought of birth control or safe sex.  Four years.  Abstinent no more.  Thank God.  He kneeled down, pressing his chest against her and kissing her lips.

“Tonight Anna, I will do anything you ask.”  He bit her bottom lip and sucked it into his mouth, licking the edges before releasing it.  The prick of pain seemed directly related to heat that bloomed everywhere.  Her hands went to hold his face and he tilted his head back. “No, Baby.”  He took her hands and put them up by her shoulders. “Don’t move these or I will have to tie them behind your back.  I’m afraid if you touch me, I’ll be inside you in a minute.”

Holy shit.  That was hot, it shouldn’t be, but it was. She considered her need for control, but this, him taking care of her, this was good.  She wanted him to take control, now… her legs fell open and the smallest amount of friction would surely make her come.  She thrust her breasts up toward him and he used his teeth to pull one bra cup down and nuzzled her breast with his nose.  She loved the feeling of his skin against her.  Warm and slightly rough against her soft skin.  He bit gently and laved it, his tongue flat against the nipple, swirling around it until it formed a hard peak.  He backed away and the cold air hit her wet nipple, making it hard and achy.  The sensation of hot next to cold was amazing.  Her mind was letting go.  She wanted to wrap her fingers in his hair but remembered his instructions and put them back by her shoulders.

He growled, “Good girl.”  He looked at her. “You are so beautiful.  I can’t wait to be buried deep inside you.”

Her eyes widened at his crude words and her breathing quickened. “You’re driving me crazy.”

He grinned wickedly. “That’s the idea.”  He bit her nipple again and then suckled, pulling her deep into his mouth as his hands slid down her waist to her thighs.  His hands slid behind her knees and pushed her legs up and out, opening her center to him.  She felt exposed but safe.  It helped that he was looking at her like she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.  Almost reverent.  Almost.  There was lust in his eyes too.  She pushed her center against him.  Just a bit of pressure and she would go off.  His hand slid from her knee, caressing her thigh down to her clit and she jerked against him before forcing herself to relax.  It had been too long since she was touched by a man.  Her body wasn’t used to responding to intimate touches, it was on fire and she had no control over the spastic movements her muscles made.  She tried to calm herself and just focus on him, but her body wouldn’t cooperate.

He grinned. “I love the way you feel under me.”

He peppered kisses down her belly to her center and flicked tongue against her clit.  She groaned and twisted her hips.  She was stunned at the contact.  He flattened his tongue and attacked her clit, suckling and stimulating until she was pushing against him shamelessly.  He read her body language or maybe he could read her mind, because she came fast against his mouth.  His tongue relented, rolling her clit side to side. He slid two fingers into her tight channel and rocked them in and out, finding the right pace that had her writhing beneath him.

“Oh!”  Damn, I have a G-spot.  Anna couldn’t hold back her surprise. She had assumed it was a mythical place, but no, it was there, right where his fingers were pressing so perfectly.  Her internal muscles clenched tightly, and she came again, this orgasm like nothing she had ever experienced before.  It started deep within her and washed over her body, wave after wave.  He pulled her clit into his mouth just as the last waves were subsiding; flicking it relentlessly as his fingers pushed deeper.  Her legs tightened, and she cried out his name as her entire body succumbed to the overwhelming feeling that pulsed from her center.  Her head pushed back and she fought to remember to breathe.  She could lose herself in this man, and he hadn’t even taken his pants off yet.

She was in big trouble.

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