The New Boris

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The New Boris

The new Boris is tall, dark, deadly and definitely dangerous. Lucky O’Rourke has seen his type before and logically she tries to avoid Viktor, the new capo to the Russian mafia in the City. Unfortunately, every cell in her body resonates around this imposing man. He warns her that he’s not the kind of man she should be interested in. If he was a good man, he would leave her alone. But he can’t. His presence should intimidate her but she knows without a doubt that he’s a good man. He’s trustworthy, he’s loyal, he’s honest, and he wants her in his bed.

She should avoid him, but she wants him too. He’s the kind of man who is dependable and passionate. The kind of man Lucky needs.

Viktor knocked on her door and she tried to calm the nervousness in her stomach with a cleansing breath but it didn’t help. She opened the door and he smiled warmly.  “You look beautiful.”  He stepped in and pulled her close, settling his nose behind her ear.  “You smell amazing.”  His voice rumbled almost like a purr.  His presence relaxed her muscles and she melted into the embrace.

He looked inside, “Where is your roommate?”

“She’s at the movies with a friend.”

“Shall we go?”

She grabbed her backpack purse and nodded, “I’m ready.”

His nostrils flared and he grabbed her hand, intertwining their fingers.  He couldn’t believe that she had agreed to spend the night with him.  When he had asked, it was a momentary impulse and when she said yes his blood nearly boiled.  He watched as she locked the door and waved to Nik after she was safely inside his car.

He slid into his car and immediately grasped her hand and pulled it into his lap. “I missed you, Lucky.  The entire time I was away, all I thought about was spending time with you.”

Lucky’s heart raced, “I suppose that means that you’re willing to cuddle?”

Viktor chuckled, “Yes.  I find the idea very attractive, in fact.”

She placed her hand on his thigh.  It flexed under her hand and she saw him clench his jaw.

“Lucky, did you have time to look at houses?”

“Um, not yet, but I did call Gemma and she’s pulling together some places that you might like.”

He nodded, “I need a place soon.”  He shrugged, “Before we get to the hotel I have some things I would like to share with you, but I need to know if you can keep them between us.”

Lucky nodded, “I can.”

“Even if Tommy asked you?”

Lucky clicked her tongue, “Oh, um, probably not if he asked me directly.”  She looked at him, “I’m sorry.  He’s family and I owe him my life.  Literally.”

“Don’t be sorry.  You must know how much I appreciate your honesty.  I understand your loyalty to Reardon.”  He sighed, “I hope that someday you’ll feel the same way about me.”  He pulled her hand from his thigh to his lips and kissed her knuckles.  “I am moving from Toronto.  Did I tell you that?”

Lucky shook her head, “No.”

“I went to Toronto to coordinate my move here.  I also went to Chicago and New York and found out that Dimitri was working with the Triads without their permission.  He felt that he should take over for David, my boss.”  He looked at Lucky, “The Triad’s capo is looking into your father’s disappearance.  We should have an answer soon.  This is why I think you should take a trip.  You and Sydney.”

“What about Boy?” Lucky asked.

“I’ll have Nik watch him.”  He ran his hand down her thigh, “I’m serious Lucky.  I want you to go away.”


“I think the US Virgin Islands would be nice.  Have you ever been there?”

Lucky snorted, “No.”

“Can I arrange it for you?”

Lucky bit her bottom lip, “Viktor, I probably can’t afford that.  I think a trip to Santa Cruz is probably doable.”

“Lucky,” he said patiently, “I’ll take care of it.”

“Ok.” She whispered.  She wondered if he needed to handle it in order to make sure that she had an alibi for whatever the hell he had planned.

“Yes?” He asked, his voice laced with surprise.

“Yes.” She said quietly.

“I expected a fight.”

“If I ever find out that you are playing me; that you are lying about something – then you can expect me to question everything you say.  I trust you.  I know enough to not ask questions.  If you need me to know something you’ll have to tell me, because I won’t ask about…  stuff.”

Viktor nodded, “I thought that you couldn’t understand what it would be like for us.”  He grabbed her hand and kissed it, “I’m sorry I doubted you, Lucky.”

Lucky grinned, “Maeve.”


“My legal name is Maeve Miriam O’Rourke.  Maeve means joy in Gaelic.”

Viktor squeezed her hand, “Radosta means joy in Russian.”

“That’s…  wow.”  Lucky breathed.  Her skin had goosebumps at the coincidence.

“What does Miriam mean?”


Viktor chuckled, “Radosta Marie.  I want to start a charity for her, in her memory.  I want to call it Joy’s Relief.  It would be a place for women who have been victims of violence to find support.”

“Viktor, that’s wonderful.”

He swallowed, “I was hoping that you would help me run it.  Manage it.”

Lucky squeezed his hand, “I’ll do whatever I can.”

Viktor whispered, “Thank you, Lucky.  I’m so sorry you were hurt.  I wish I could have been there to protect you.”

“It wasn’t your fault.  It was Pop’s… I mean he didn’t mean for me to get hurt but he was in so much pain he didn’t understand the consequences.  I do, Viktor, I understand the consequences.  I’ll never lie to you or to Tommy.  I’ll never do that.”

“I know, love.”  He said sweetly and he meant it.  He shook his head as he pulled into the hotel garage.  “Lucky, I worry that even under my protection if our relationship becomes known you’ll be at risk.”

Lucky grunted, “What’s new?  You don’t think that there have been times when Tommy had guys following me because he pissed someone off?”

“Can you live with having a body guard all the time?”

Lucky shrugged, “You’ll do what you think is best and I trust you.”

“You do?”

“Yes.” Lucky said softly.

“I trust you too,” Viktor whispered.  “There’s more, I may need to disappear for a couple of days while you’re in the Virgin Islands.  I’ll meet you there, ok?”

“I understand.”

“I don’t deserve you.”  Viktor muttered as he turned off his car.  He opened her door and led her toward the elevator.  His hand rested on her waist and in his mind he saw them in the future.  His hand on her waist, children at their feet, walking into their home.

He put his card key into the elevator slot and it immediately headed toward the twenty third floor.  “Lucky, do you want children?”

She looked at him and blinked, “Um, eventually, I suppose.”  Her brows furrowed and she wondered if he knew more about her conversation with Matt than he led on.

“I want children.”

“Um, ok.  I’m a little nervous with your bringing that up on what, our second date?”

He chuckled, “How many children do you want?”

“I figured,” she felt herself blush and wished he didn’t have that effect on her, “I mean, I assumed that once I was married I’d stop taking the pill and I’d have kids.  I never had a number in mind.”

“You’re on the pill?” His nostrils flared and his eyes dilated.  She nodded and he pushed her against the elevator wall and kissed her.  He was losing control of his senses.  The thought of being buried inside of Lucky flooded him.  He wrapped one hand around her hair and his other hand grabbed her leg and pulled it around his waist.  For the next seventeen floors he kissed her like his life depended on it.  When the door opened he grunted and rather than releasing her he scooped her up in his arms and carried her down the hallway to his room.  He slid her down his body as he reached inside his pants pocket to pull out the card key again.

Once the door was open he pushed her inside and immediately pulled her blouse over her head.  It was a hurried dance, arms flailing, shoes flinging, until finally they were both naked and laying on his bed.  Her legs wrapped around his hips and welcomed him as he nudged his cock into her entrance.  It wasn’t even a question, Viktor slid inside her unsheathed less than five minutes after they were inside the room.

“Fuck.” He hissed, “You are so fucking tight.”

Lucky chuckled, “So romantic.”

He grunted as he slid inside her again.  He leaned his forehead against her and slid his hands under her shoulders, pinning her to the bed.

“Lucky,” he whispered, “I love the way you feel.  I love how your pussy hugs my cock.”  She gasped and he chuckled.  “That’s not romantic?”

She tilted her chin so she could kiss him.  She whispered, “It’s honest and incredibly hot.”

He leaned back on his elbows then and began to move.  His voice was husky with need, “I promise next time I’ll savor the moment, but all I’ve been thinking about is you like this for the last few days.”  His hips drew back and slid in again, thrusting harder and harder.  Lucky met him thrust for thrust, needing this primal joining with him.  It made her feel alive, it made their relationship real.  She wouldn’t have tolerated kisses and tender loving this time.  She needed him in his most feral state.  She needed this unbridled passion. Her hands wrapped his shoulders and she tilted her hips loving the feeling of being in his complete possession.  He arched back and slid his hand between them, finding her clit and rolling it between his thumb and forefinger.  Lucky panted and her fingers tightened around his shoulders.

“Viktor,” she begged.

“Yes.  Now, come for me, love.”  He tilted and his magnificent cock struck a bundle of nerves inside her that made lights appear behind her eyelids.  Her entire body seemed to constrict, convulse, and shatter around him.

She whispered his name as her body completely submitted to him.  He was watching her in awe, and suddenly he surged and emptied himself inside of her.  He held her close, peppering her face with kisses on her forehead and trailing them down her eyelids, nose and cheeks.  He rolled over pulling her on top of him.

“Jesus, I’m sorry.”  He whispered.

Lucky, still boneless from amazing sex groggily murmured, “Why?”

“I had hoped our first time together would have taken more than ten minutes.”

Lucky smiled and kissed his sternum, staying away from the large Band-Aid that she had placed over his new tattoo.

“I didn’t mind.”  She kissed his chest and sighed, “Besides, we have all night.”

“It’s not enough time.”  He said his hands traveled up and down her back.  “I need more.  I want more with you.”

Lucky didn’t say anything.  She knew better than to want more.  She knew to be happy, she needed to enjoy the moment and have no expectations for the future.  Having her mother die in her adolescence had taught her that lesson well.

Viktor wrapped his hand in her hair, “Lucky, I want more.”  He kissed her deeply, “Tell me you want more.”

Lucky leaned her head against his chest and nodded.

He growled, “Yes.  That was a yes.”

“Yes.” Lucky whispered.

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