#WTF Wednesday – GQ’s rules for casual sex – but mine are better. 1

*This WTF article should be read with a grain of salt (preferably sitting on top of a French fry) and tongue in cheek. Ben Kassoy’s article in GQ offers six rules for casual sex, and as a romance author I was curious what the “rules” for a hook-up should be. I was expecting something like, don’t floss in bed, no farting – even in jest, or something more substantial like, have your friend track your phone. However, he was more pragmatic and it was rather… disconcerting. Honestly, the article isn’t written for middle-aged housewives and romance authors. First of all, I’m happily married and my idea of casual sex is leaving my socks on. Yeah, I’m rocking it. Secondly, casual hookups seem too awkward. I’m sure there’s many amazing people out there that are totally comfortable in their own skin. Even in my twenties and skinny, I was not that person. I […]

Goal, the new book by Elle Kennedy is wonderful! 1

I’ve fallen in love with this series and honestly I wasn’t sure I was going to buy Tucks story because Sabrina seemed so unlikable. But she isn’t. She’s strong, bright, tough, and Tucker is patient enough to wait out her stubbornness. Great story, I’m so glad I bought it. But, um… I’d really like Fitzy and Summers story. Pretty please? You can get it on amazon here: http://amzn.to/2daSWkN

#WTF Duane Euan Henderson is probably God’s gift to women… just sayin’ 1

He’s a cutie-patootie in my book, and it’s not just the blue eyes and charming Scottish accent. He’s extremely positive, clearly loves people, and I highly recommend hanging out on his Facebook page for some hilarious videos. Click on the title to see the video, “For the Girls that are ‘Unladylike”” – one of my favorites. Although, the one on short women had me giggling and thinking about my nieces… For your viewing pleasure: Duane Euan Henderson – Click on the orange title above to see the video. For girls that are “unladylike” Check out his Facebook page, or this video on it… You’ll seriously fall in love for this sweet guy. For anyone that didn’t get this text tonight … http://buff.ly/2cq0i0K

#PitMad advice from an author with experience. 1

So, you got no love during #PitMad and you’re feeling horrible! The world has just verified that you are, in fact, NOT a writer – OR – take a breath, it more likely that maybe you need to work on your marketing. Have a glass of wine and let your Auntie Tobi give you some advice. My writing group friends have recently named me the “Dream Crusher” and while I don’t think I am; I do believe that having a professional understanding of the industry will help you when you try to persuade others to take an interest in your work. First, turn your ego OFF. For the rest of this article distance yourself as the author of your work, and think of yourself as an agent or editor, looking at your work through “commercial” eyes. What do you really have to offer? Agents and editors want books that sell. […]

#ManCandy is back with Sullivan Stapleton 1

After a break, ManCandy Mondays are back… This Fall is brought to you by the Australians, inspired by our first #ManCandy Monday fellow – Sullivan Stapleton. Not only is his name swoon-worthy in my very Irish opinion, but I love watching him and Jaimie Alexander on Blindspot. The premise of the show hooked me in, but it’s the cast of characters that keep me coming back. Season 2 premieres on Wednesday, September 14 at 10/9c on NBC. If you want a sneak peak, I’ve embedded the video below.  

Packing tip, because I’m tired of wrinkles! 1

I hate ironing, and when I’m traveling it really is the last thing I’d like to do. I’ve been searching the web for ideas on how to pack suits better. This is where I admit I pack for my husband, because I don’t wear suits. This video is quick and I really think the tailor has got a great idea with his ziplock bags leaving air inside so the suit and shirts don’t get crushed. Watch the video here. I recently packed a few dresses for my trip to RWA and hung them the moment I arrived. I’ll admit I brought dresses I wanted to wear, so two were cotton, and two were a rayon blend. Rayon doesn’t wrinkle, and the cotton managed to do fairly well. I laid the first cotton dress flat on my bed on top of a beach towel. I folded the excess skirt fabric so that the entire […]

I loved Helenkay Dimon’s Chain of Command. 1

Holy hotness!!! Great writing and great characters. I loved the banter between Sawyer and Hailey. She is a woman who can hold her own and stand up to a great, but occasionally, bossy guy. Sawyer is an alpha male with common sense, not your typical caveman. The cast of characters in Chain of Command drew me in and kept me turning the pages. I highly recommend this! It’s available at amazon for .99 cents and worth every penny:) http://amzn.to/2cbHhvS

Tobi Doyle Interview 1

My very first ever interview… Eliot Parker was a sweetheart and I thank him very much for the opportunity – no matter how much I was totally freaked out. I didn’t say um a million times, so there’s that:)

RWA2016 Uber/Lyft coupons and nearby restaurants 1

Hello All, My daughter (and my money…) go to UC San Diego and she’s given me a list of places to eat nearby as well as discount coupons for Uber and Lyft. I thought that maybe other RWA members would appreciate knowing where to eat in a new city. Use this information at your own risk… I’m 99.9% sure it’s honest and true, but I’d hate to get blamed if you get a bad meal or your ride discount isn’t applied correctly. UBER – a credit for free ride if you use code – wsq68 LYFT – a credit or discounted ride or first ride free – RACHEL023907 Restaurants she recommends: Richard Walker’s Pancake house is great breakfast a couple blocks from the place. Werewolf does good brunches. La Puerta is great Mexican Phil’s BBQ is the best BBQ in San Diego Neighborhood is pretty great Hodad’s isn’t bad, it’s a cheap […]

Siobhan Rosen offers Sex God Advice that’s 100% Accurate 1

I’m older. I write romance. I even write sex scenes that are probably physically impossible. Truthfully, I’m coming up on my 25th anniversary and I can say there are many things we tried in our twenties that arthritic hips and bad knees make uncomfortable, if not downright dangerous. Sex against a wall? Yeah, I’m 5’10”, that crap never happened. Sex in a shower, sure, until I had a butt cramp/charley horse. However, I write romance – the fantasy – so sex on the beach is clearly on a beach where sand doesn’t stick to nooks and crannies, and there’s no wind to mess up your hair, or sea gulls… or children. So, when I read Siobhan Rosen’s article Having Sex Like a Porn Star on YouPorn I realized DAMN, am I glad I’m old and didn’t have THAT crap to deal with. She made me laugh at the reality of twenty-somethings and their […]

Feverborn by Karen Marie Moning – my review 1

First of all, I love how Karen Marie Moning writes. She’s amazing. I love the world she’s created with the Fever series and her Scottish Highlanders. I wish I had her talent. So, yes, Feverborn is extremely well-written but… OMG, I want to snatch her bald-headed for leaving me in the lurch at the end. It’s become a serial – which I personally hate – instead of a series. There’s not a real resolution, in fact, it ends on a call to action and then… I have to wait until 2017????? Are you kidding me????? So, if you are an obsessive reader and have just discovered the Fever series I warn you to READ SLOWLY. It’s like waiting for the next Harry Potter… and I have no patience. Yes, I love the series, but ugh…. I really prefer a resolution instead of leaving me breathless and freaked. And now I […]

WTF – Body Image Makeover 1

I was doing research on youtube – really, I was, and found this video about body image. So, here’s the thing… I don’t know any woman who loves their body. We are all insecure bags of hormones. Worse it’s summer and I’d rather sweat than swim because of these insecurities. I go to the gym, but really, I’m maintaining my weight but keeping my plantar fasciitis and low back pain in check. So, when I saw this video I was sucked in, because of the gender bending and the realization that body image sucks for everyone. Unless, of course, you’re a Hemsworth. Enjoy this Wednesday video. It’s safe for work – rather unusual for me, eh?

#ManCrushMonday – Jamie Frasier makes Outlander worth watching. 1

Have you been watching Outlander this season? I have, and it’s for the mancandy… The character of Claire is becoming annoying. Quite honestly, I read the first book in the series and got about a third of the way through the second book before I gave up. I like to television show and it’s the first time I REALLY want them to stray from the book. I have a hard time dealing with Claire’s whininess and Jamie’s willingness to be disloyal, when that was the characteristic that made me fall in love with him.

#ManCandy wishing you a happy spring. 1

Nothing says happy spring like a bouquet of flowers… romantically speaking. Realistically speaking we all know it brings sinus headaches, hay fever, and a proliferation of kleenex bouquets. It’s why I prefer writing romantic fiction, because my reality, while still very nice, sometimes bites…  

The romance writer rants… @realDonaldTrump, seriously people? 1

  I write romance. Why? Because the reality of my day includes missed homework assignments, kids that get sick, a kid that has a panic attack when she gets an A-. Meanwhile, one of the kids rescued a puppy, so I’m up to my elbows in sh*t, literally. And, the man I love and adore is being hammered at work, working long hours with no end in sight. So, yeah. Give me a few moments where I can get caught up in a romance with an alpha billionaire that takes me for pasta in Venice and I don’t have to worry about the fact that my daughter’s friend’s roommate (following that?) was ARRESTED after being shot at a drug deal. In college. Not living at home. (Picture me in fetal position…) I get the appeal of Trump. I get the appeal of ANYONE not “in” politics. However, he’s a narcissist. In […]