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Allie’s sister Em does a total makeover transformation on her, encouraging to leave all her bad Jack-mojo behind and have some fun. Em’s advice leads to the best night of her life and a pregnancy. She thinks she’ll put the baby up for adoption. She’s warned that unless Daniel relinquishes his parental rights, the adoptive parents may lose the child they’ve assumed was there’s for months. When she meets Daniel again, she falls in love and is not sure how to explain that he’s the father.

When she runs into Daniel again, he doesn’t recognize her, but he’s still drawn to her. He pursues her, and finally convinces her to go out on a date. He wants to help her find the father, even says he’ll go with her to tell her parents about the baby. He recognizes Allie is in turmoil, raised by a controlling father, and not sure what she wants anymore. She’s torn between wanting to keep this baby, and the consequences. Disgusted that he may have done that to a woman, he searches for the woman, only to discover it’s Allie.

He wants Allie to be happy, but he can’t lose her now.

Rebound Baby was a finalist in the 2013 Passionate Plume Award from RWA’s PassionateInk chapter.  My first major award;)

Yes, it’s a horrible title.  I know that.  Really.  So…  Avon Romance has a facebook page and they encourage writers to write a story in a theme and then submit it.  They didn’t like my story.  Seriously???  What’s not to like?  Other than the title of course.  So, here is my version of a  “secret baby” book.  It’s cute.  It’s fluffy, meaning this is not a serious piece of literature.  This is written for fun, an escape from the dishes and floor mopping.  Something to do while waiting in the car for soccer practice to end, because Dear God, it’s frickin’ cold out there and too long to drive home and then just turn around to come back.  It’s a little “me” time before the car begins to smell like goat, grass, and outdoors.  Speaking of which, have you ever noticed in romance novels some authors really get into the “scent” of the man.  I’m not saying I don’t like how my guy smells, I’m just saying I’ve never smelled anyone who smelled like “rain, leather, and MAN…”  Personally, wet leather isn’t pleasant to my nostrils, and after twenty years of marriage, “man” scent can be anything from Mennen’s speed stick to farts.  Just sayin…



Rebound Baby, Too    Available on Amazon.

I’m so thrilled that this book is a finalist in the Stiletto Contest by RWA’s chapter of Contemporary Romance Writers for Contemporary Erotic Romance!!!!

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I’m happy to say that Rebound Baby is my best seller, people love the characters and personally I enjoyed writing about the situation so much so that I planned Rebound Baby, Too and Rebound Babies.  Apparently the title isn’t as off-putting as I thought to my discriminating readers.  The books are all stand-alone the only common thread are those darn condoms that have been tampered with.

Anna Kincaid is a PR intern and ready to graduate and begin her career.  When she meets Jake McComas, who has earned the name Mr. Lickable at the office, she is immediately drawn to him.  For Jake, it’s love at first sight.  Her sense of humor, her creativity, and her beauty make him want to forget about the no-fraternization policy at work.
Anna isn’t ready to start a new relationship, she’s been trying to get a divorce from her husband for four years.  The man made her feel unworthy and incapable of being independent.  She needs to prove to herself that she doesn’t need a man to succeed.  The night that her divorce is finalized she celebrates with her friends and runs in to Mr. Lickable and decides to really celebrate.  Jake believes that with patience Anna will recognize that they are perfect for each other and when given the chance to spend the night together he takes it.
At work, Anna’s old friend has hired to the PR agency to work on his national senate campaign.  Jake is jealous of how close Anna and Colt are at first, but quickly realizes that Anna can’t handle his jealousy.  He promises to keep things professional at work if she’ll just give them a chance to get to know each other.  She agrees and their relationship begins to blossom.  As Jake learns about her past he begins to understand that Anna’s mother never loved her unconditionally.
It’s when they are dating that Jake and Anna discover that the condoms Jake used their first night together had been sabotaged.  Both Anna and her roommate are pregnant.  At first, the women decide that they will continue to live together and work with Colt, but Jake wants to marry Anna.  Anna’s still reeling from what was once her certain future and she’s worried about losing her independence.  Jake proves to her that he wants a partnership and will give her a very happily ever after.
 Rebound Babies

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Melinda Noonan has perfected the art of looking cool under pressure, intelligent when confused, and happy when she’d rather cry. Her mother’s strict rules of propriety drive her to be the woman she is today: successful, organized, and independent. Her reserved facade hides the fear that her imperfections make her unlovable. She loves her mother but the constant interference pushes Mel to act out of character, tipping the first in a series of dominoes that ends with triplets.

Michael Salvatore loved the Marines: order, hard work, his brothers, his service to his country. After getting out, he built a successful security firm in Indianapolis and hires Melinda to handle PR. When she admits she’s pregnant, Mike is reminded of his ex-wife who had an abortion without his consent while he served overseas. With nine brothers and sisters, and forty-four nieces and nephews, he always presumed he’d have a big family, but lately, the women he’s dated are more concerned with their career. He’s in awe of Mel’s strength and dedication to her unborn babies, but frustrated by her insistence on doing everything herself. Mike struggles with his dominant nature and his desire to provide.

As they grow closer, Mel discovers that submitting to Mike in the bedroom is an empowering experience. But all those years of being taught what’s appropriate make it difficult for her to look past her preconceived notions that an unconventional sexual relationship is not respectable.

Can Mike persuade her that if you strip away the titles, the nature of their D/s relationship is perfect for them?

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    1. End of summer… He’s turning out to be SO interesting to write about. I always loved Matt from Love at First Slight: Matt and Kate, but I think Mike is my new favorite man to write about. Dirty talking hero, great guy, awesome family man, Mel’s shoulder to cry on, and yet – he’s so damn sexy and in charge when he needs to be. Mmm… yummy.

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