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Preorder Still Waters to be published March 31, 2018

 Still waters run deep. It’s okay if you need to borrow floaties.

Sara Waters needs a favor, and it’s not the kind she can pay back with a batch of homemade cookies. Her best friend needs to disappear from her abusive ex-husband and Sara knows the Garza brothers have the connections to make that happen. They agree, but she owes Garza Security six weeks consulting.

Joaquin Garza plans to expand the DC-based security business he owns with his brother before his thirtieth birthday. Enter Sara, the doe-eyed, techie, who makes Princess Anna from Frozen look street-savvy.  He admired her in their kickboxing class because she’s the first woman to stick it out long enough to land a few punches. Her network security skills are stellar; her roundhouse, accurate; her brain in exchange for some fake identification, fate.

But when the ex threatens Sara in the grocery store parking lot, Joaquin feels responsible. Joaquin and his brother are the security professionals and intend to guard her. Except she’s not one to cooperate. Oppositional defiance? She’s got it in boatloads.

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Flirty Bits of Fluff Series – Free on Kindle Unlimited or 99 cents each. These are short stories and anthologies written with Rebecca Barray.

Satan’s Press Secretary – A sweet and steamy paranormal with a good-natured Satan and the woman who makes him want to be a better Devil. Bunny’s sold her soul to save her sister, and discovers that Satan’s Hell includes her – in his bed. There’s sex, silliness, some light domination and submission… because… he’s SATAN, duh!


With Love, From Aunt Ruby – This flirty bit of fluff features a sweet nurse who has all but given up on love and a hunky Seabee, who falls in head over heels, hard, and is just the thing to bring her back to life.

Tobi admits, this idea came to her when she was sending her nephew care packages filled with Skittles and books.


Homecomings: Memorial Day – Four flirty stories. Available on the Radish app here, or at most ebook retailers – Amazon, Scribd, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and more!

The Promise of More, by Tobi Doyle: Can the two men vying for Casey’s affection at a wealthy client’s Memorial Day party, make her wildest fantasy come true?
Fleet Week, by Tobi Doyle: Erin’s birthday always falls during Fleet Week, and this year is the fourth, and last, that she’s partied accordingly: collecting kisses instead of spankings, one for every year she’s been alive and each from a different man. Thomas was Erin’s first birthday kiss when the tradition began on her 21st birthday, three years ago, and he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her since, even dreaming about her. This year, he vows to end her tradition and be the only man that kisses her lips, hopefully touching her heart in the process.
Going Home, by Tobi Doyle: TJ has really only loved the girl that broke his heart in high school. When he returns home for Memorial Day years later, a rich and famous professional football player, he finds that the only thing that has really changed is that girl has grown into a devastatingly sexy woman. But there’s still one problem: will that sexy woman shatter his heart all over again, or will the secret behind their high school break up convince him to give their relationship another try?
Last Appointment, by Rebecca Barray: A small construction company owner gets stuck with a last-minute sales appointment, keeping him from what he’d really like to be doing: relaxing at home. But will the surprise waiting for him at this inconvenient appointment make him glad he came?

Love at First Slight Series

These all take place in the Bay Area of San Francisco, California and surround the Wilson family and friends. Aidan and Jason are both in the music industry. Olivia and Laura work in the hospital. Kate is a wickedly smart accountant. Matt, Olivia’s big brother, joins a security firm with his old military buddy, Joe. The stories are interwoven.


Aidan and Olivia -Olivia never has good luck, so when she wins concert tickets and back stage passes, she’s reluctant to go. What if she discovers the band is a bunch of jerks? Her best friend, however, is determined to go and have some fun. By fun, she means sex with a hot guy. Olivia agrees, only because her friend Laura needs something to bring her out of her depression after her divorce. What she didn’t count on was meeting Aidan. He looked as out of place as she felt, and when he tries to strike up a conversation with him she strikes him down. Honestly, why would fate be so cruel as to introduce you to your soul mate when you are feeling positively snarky?

Good thing Aidan has a sense of humor. Available from most retailers here.

Jason’s Story – Olivia’s roommate Laura has a quick fling with Jason. This is a standalone novella, but Aidan and Olivia feature in it as well. Laura Phillips is ready for a life do-over. After trying for years to get pregnant she discovers that her husband has been unfaithful. She is ready to start again, somewhere new where people won’t give her those pitying glances and make her feel even worse than she already does. Her plans include moving to Chicago from Palo Alto, a new home, a new job, and why not have a little fun before she goes.
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Lyn’s Song -He was her brother’s best friend and her first crush.
Lyn thought they were friends, but when her brother died in a car accident, Jason never spoke to her again. Instead his music career took off and he became a rock god.

Jason blames himself for her brother’s death. He returns home, wanting absolution, and discovers that she never blamed him. She soothes his soul and helps him forgive himself while falling in love.

A childhood friendship becomes the most important relationship of his life. Lyn is the only woman he’s ever been close to, and she still cares for him. Will they risk their friendship for a chance at love? Available from most retailers here.

Matt and Kate – Matt’s baby sister married Kate’s big brother, and now he’s left with her living in his town home. She’s beautiful, tiny, and she’s probably ten years younger and definitely too opinionated and stubborn for him.

Kate can’t believe that her new sister-in-law, Liv, was able to tolerate living with the overbearing, over-protective ex-Army major. She can’t stand the fact that she’s already told him her darkest secret. Somehow this beefcake has managed to make her trust again. Not all men, but definitely him.

Sparks fly between the two until finally Matt has had enough and follows through on Kate’s flirtation. Too bad for Kate that her overbearing, overprotective roommate has recognized that she is his perfect mate. Once the Major has an objective there is no stopping him in succeeding with his plan. Available from most retailers here.

Joe and Nikki – Matt’s co-worker Joe finds true love. Nikki would do anything to protect her nephew who she has raised as her own son since he was six months old, including marrying a tall, dark, stranger who seems too good to be true.

Joe can’t believe his luck when he realizes that the woman who he has been obsessing over needs his protection. He’s willing to give it, but at a price. He wants her. He wants a chance at a real marriage, not the fake one she suggests and he intends to get what he wants.Available from most retailers here.

Rebound Baby Series

The inciting incident that ties all of these stories are the fraternity where a jilted girlfriend tampers with her cheating ex-boyfriends condoms, not realizing that most of the guys use his “supply” of condoms.

  • Rebound Baby – Daniel and Allie’s story. Allie’s sister Em does a total makeover transformation on her, encouraging to leave all her bad Jack-mojo behind and have some fun. Em’s advice leads to the best night of her life and a pregnancy. She thinks she’ll put the baby up for adoption. She’s warned that unless Daniel relinquishes his parental rights, the adoptive parents may lose the child they’ve assumed was there’s for months. When she meets Daniel again, she falls in love and is not sure how to explain that he’s the father.
    When she runs into Daniel again, he doesn’t recognize her, but he’s still drawn to her. He pursues her, and finally convinces her to go out on a date. He wants to help her find the father, even says he’ll go with her to tell her parents about the baby. He recognizes Allie is in turmoil, raised by a controlling father, and not sure what she wants anymore. She’s torn between wanting to keep this baby, and the consequences. Disgusted that he may have done that to a woman, he searches for the woman, only to discover it’s Allie.
    He wants Allie to be happy, but he can’t lose her now. – Available from most retailers here.
  • Rebound Baby, Too – Jake and Anna -Anna Kincaid’s celebrates her divorce by engaging in the best one night stand of her life with an account executive from her work. Although, dating interns is definitely taboo, Jake doesn’t care. He recognizes Anna is something special and he’s ready to risk everything for the chance to know her. Anna doesn’t trust her instincts when it comes to men. After all, her first husband was Prince Charming, right until she was no longer the damsel in distress; then he became controlling and mean. When she realizes she’s pregnant she’s not sure she can trust Jake’s intentions. Would he marry her because it’s the right thing to do? She’s not willing to settle in marriage ever again. Can she trust that it’s more than infatuation? Jake works hard to prove to that he’s serious about their relationship. He knows that she’s his perfect match; she’s brilliant, funny, and beautiful. She is his better half he just needs to convince her to trust herself again. Available from most retailers here.
  • Rebound Babies – Mike and Melinda -Melinda Noonan has perfected the art of looking cool under pressure, intelligent when confused, and happy when she’d rather cry. Her mother’s strict rules of propriety drive her to be the woman she is today: successful, organized, and independent. Her reserved facade hides the fear that her imperfections make her unlovable. She loves her mother but the constant interference pushes Mel to act out of character, tipping the first in a series of dominoes that ends with triplets.Michael Salvatore loved the Marines: order, hard work, his brothers, his service to his country. After getting out, he built a successful security firm in Indianapolis and hires Melinda to handle PR. When she admits she’s pregnant, Mike is reminded of his ex-wife who had an abortion without his consent while he served overseas. With nine brothers and sisters, and forty-four nieces and nephews, he always presumed he’d have a big family, but lately, the women he’s dated are more concerned with their career. He’s in awe of Mel’s strength and dedication to her unborn babies, but frustrated by her insistence on doing everything herself. Mike struggles with his dominant nature and his desire to provide.As they grow closer, Mel discovers that submitting to Mike in the bedroom is an empowering experience. But all those years of being taught what’s appropriate make it difficult for her to look past her preconceived notions that an unconventional sexual relationship is not respectable.Can Mike persuade her that if you strip away the titles, the nature of their D/s relationship is perfect for them? Available from most retailers here.

Imperfect  – Available from most retailers here. published by Boroughs Publishing.

After moving to San Francisco to escape the aftermath of a violent attack, Sophie Schrader will learn from real estate tycoon William Peterson that she is safe, loved…and perfect.

Sophie Schrader came to San Francisco to start over. Fleeing a broken past, she never examined if she was living her passion—until now, when one shocking night in a downtown dance club introduces her to a man who is everything she never knew she wanted. Formidable, sexy, dominating…gentle. Yet no matter what he says, how can one damaged girl from Indiana ever be enough for a workaholic real estate tycoon?

For William Peterson, life’s greatest challenge was always which building to buy next. Now it’s Sophie. The sweet, polite Midwesterner is his perfect woman, but convincing her of that is almost impossible. Keeping her safe is a start, shielding her from both her past and his future, a job more difficult than any he’s attempted. Then William must show her they two can conquer any nightmare. Through the eyes of love, our scars make us who we are: imperfect and without flaws.

Good Hair Days – Available from most retailers here, published by Boroughs Publishing.

Paige Fitzgerald used to be just like her Aunt Mary: fun-loving, adventurous and full of life. Today Paige is about to get a surprise. She hasn’t just inherited her beloved relative’s car and favorite hairpiece. Her aunt is back—in literal spirit, for as long as it takes for them to fulfill Paige’s college bucket list—and won’t take no for an answer. The road is calling, the party’s just getting started, and by the end of it all Paige will have everything she ever desired, including the handsome cowboy of her dreams.

Her Lucky Number:Matt Coleman is a successful professional football player with good looks and great personality that everyone loves. Everyone except the new place kicker’s sister, Cami. He’s not used to open hostility and when he turns on the charm she turns him down cold. Even when he tries to be a nice guy he manages to screw it up. He’d like to ignore her, but he can’t. She’s beautiful, funny, incredibly sweet, and he wants her. If he could just get her to stop hating him so much…
Cami Lansing loves her family more than anything. When her older brother Gabe gets a great contract as a place kicker and moves to California he wants her to come with him. Being born deaf Gabe has never been comfortable speaking in public, and he relies on Cami to speak for him. She doesn’t mind except that she seems to be stuck in the path of destruction in the form of his teammate, Matt Coleman.
Matt is too attractive, too charming, and loves to whip his fans into frenzies which have resulted in her concussion, broken foot, and second degree burns down her back from scalding coffee. She can’t seem to avoid him, although she desperately tries. She’d like to hate him but he’s so sweet to her brother and well, she’s attracted to him also.
If only they could get their chemistry to be compatible instead of so combustible. Available from most retailers here.

Friday Harbor Series

The Fourth Christmas -When I was fourteen I caught Eric Thorsten kissing Rachel Wiggins behind the school. The memory is burned into my brain because it was the very first time I felt jealousy. I remember thinking, as I picked up the small rock and hurled it toward Eric’s back, that it was strange that I had gone fourteen years before feeling this. I had never before felt so uncomfortable – helpless, hopeless, and angry all at the same time. I managed to duck around the corner right when I saw the stone hit the small of his back, right above his belt.

Bree spends several years trying to get over what she hoped was just a school girls infatuation. It wasn’t. Eric is the only man she’ll ever love, he’s perfect for her except that he doesn’t want the same future she does. She’s far too stubborn to give up her dreams. It may take four Christmases for Eric to recognize that Aubrey is everything he needs, he can only hope she’ll forgive him. Amazon link.

Emily’s Perfect Valentine – Emily Hansen had a rough start to life and she isn’t going to let anything get in the way of her future. She doesn’t trust easily and she sure isn’t going to be stupid enough to fall in love. She has a plan to finish college and start a career. She doesn’t ever want to depend or need anyone but herself.
James Whittier is blown away when his cousin Bree introduces him to her college roommate, Emily. She’s shy, quiet, and he immediately feels the need to protect her. He pursues her carefully, knowing that she needs her independence before she can learn that he’s trustworthy. He loves her, he needs her, but will she break down her walls and let him in? Amazon link.

Jane Eyre Austen

Jane Eyre Austen has found her perfect match in her new boss, Grayson Poole. Of all the qualities she could desire, the most important is that he’s kind to her mother. Her very sweet, loving, adoring mother whose mind has chosen to remain in the Regency Era. Available from Amazon.

Works in Progress

  • Adrianna’s Avenging Angel – Part of a Vigilante Series set in San Francisco I’m working on.
  • Still Waters – a new series I’m working on based on characters from the very first book I wrote. The guys are security experts, some ex-military, some with other special skills. I love writing these uber-alpha males and their banter in the office. This series will be fun, sexy, and hopefully picked up by a publisher:)