Books by Tobi and Doyle

Click on book title links to read more about the stories. Books by Tobi Doyle are steamier than romances written by Doyle MacBrayne.

Flirty Bits of Fluff Series – Free on Kindle Unlimited or 99 cents each. These are short stories and anthologies written with Rebecca Barray.

  • Satan’s Press Secretary = A sweet and steamy paranormal with a good-natured Satan and the woman who makes him want to be a better Devil. Bunny’s sold her soul to save her sister, and discovers that Satan’s Hell includes her – in his bed. There’s sex, silliness, some light domination and submission… because… he’s SATAN, duh!

Love at First Slight Series

These all take place in the Bay Area of San Francisco, California and surround the Wilson family and friends. Aidan and Jason are both in the music industry. Olivia and Laura work in the hospital. Kate is a wickedly smart accountant. Matt, Olivia’s big brother, joins a security firm with his old military buddy, Joe. The stories are interwoven.

Rebound Baby Series

The inciting incident that ties all of these stories are the fraternity where a jilted girlfriend tampers with her cheating ex-boyfriends condoms, not realizing that most of the guys use his “supply” of condoms.

Imperfect  – Available from most retailers here., published by Boroughs Publishing.

  • Sophie Schrader moves to San Francisco for her dream chef job and meets billionaire real estate mogul, William Peterson.

Good Hair Days – Available from most retailers here, published by Boroughs Publishing.

  • Paige Fitzgerald inherits her Great-Aunt Mary’s favorite hair piece, finds her bucket list, and starts a road trip… with the ghost of her Great-Aunt Mary.

Boys of Fall Series

Friday Harbor Series

Jane Eyre Austen

  • Jane Eyre Austen has found her perfect match in her new boss, Grayson Poole. Of all the qualities she could desire, the most important is that he’s kind to her mother. Her very sweet, loving, adoring mother whose mind has chosen to remain in the Regency Era. Available from Amazon.

Works in Progress

  • Adrianna’s Avenging Angel – Part of a Vigilante Series set in San Francisco I’m working on.
  • Still Waters – a new series I’m working on based on characters from the very first book I wrote. The guys are security experts, some ex-military, some with other special skills. I love writing these uber-alpha males and their banter in the office. This series will be fun, sexy, and hopefully picked up by a publisher:)