@heyjomachin is doing a thing on instagram this week for all of us writers. Today’s prompt was a meetcute where they are BOTH doing something illegal and it CAN’T be homicide, drugs/drinking, OR stealing. Talk about restrictions! Plus, instagram doesn’t allow for a long story… Here’s my try… #meetcuteJanuary #amwriting #romance I rolled past the […]

#Snowmeggedon made me write… #ManCandyMonday

Meet Joe. Joe is fun, flirty, sexy, and so much more complicated… Actually the model’s name is Rodiney Santiago and he has an amazing website at http://rodineysantiago.com/ or here on twitter. Yum. He’s also the inspiration for my latest hero in my work-in-progress, tentatively titled Still Waters. Of course, in the book he’s got more tattoos, works […]