FlashFiction Friday –

  Suddenly, being the center of his attention seemed like a very dangerous place to be. It was irony, she decided. She spent fifteen minutes trying to coax him over using hushed tones, flirtatious finger movements and now… now she had his full attention. And his claws, which made small indentations in her skin sure […]

#FreeRead for the Fourth of July

This story is intended for readers 18+ Grace ex-boyfriend visits her hometown on Memorial Day and swept her off her feet. She’s older, wiser, and knows what she wants. TJ never stopped loving Grace and when he sees her again their relationship rekindles immediately. Grace agrees to visit him as often as possible, and in this […]

#FlashFiction If Only…

She sat in her living room reading a book about poisonous mushrooms. Paranoia egged her on, fraying her very last nerve. If only her anxiety had no foundation. If only she hadn’t searched through Brent’s phone. If only the idiot had erased his texts to Karen, the bitch, the home-wrecker. If only she hadn’t moved […]

The Rain

I love the sound of rain when I am inside. The way it beats against the skylights is hypnotic.  I love how the light changes, seeming to come from nowhere and everywhere.  When I’m inside… When I’m outside, it’s my enemy, turning my clothes into a claustrophobic restraint, my hair into, well, it’s not pretty.  And […]