Lesson 3 – Numbers!!!

This week you’ll learn how to tell someone you’re legal, and not full of buttholes 🙂 The transcript is below! Transcript: Welcome back, mis amigos. This week we’re going to learn numbers and a few key phrases. You can find the transcript on my website at  tobidoyle.com if you want to look up the spelling. […]

Lesson 2 – Colors and Introduction Review

Here’s the transcript for this week’s lesson, and as always, this is copyright 2019 by Tobi Doyle. Hola, me llamo Tobi. Welcome to Lesson 2. Bienvenidos a leccíon dos. Today’s lesson focuses on colors most straight guys know. You all remember ROY G BIV, right? In Spanish, I’m afraid his name sounds like he’s yorking […]