#WTF – No dad needs this…

You ever notice when it comes to “gifts for him” companies go a little crazy with the marketing? The Grommet is one of my favorite websites for ridiculous gifts, and they didn’t disappoint for Father’s Day gift ideas. Nothing says “I love you Dad” more than his own portable drinking game. Yeah, no. I’m not […]

#WTF Wednesday Photo fails

An an author I find myself trolling through the images of stock photo sites and wondering WTF were they thinking when the photographer uploaded this piece of crap. Apparently, I’m not alone in my WTFery. https://twitter.com/darkstockphotos enjoys a weird photo, too. Let the dark memes begin! What image search have you done that resulted in a […]

#WTF #NSFW – A fit bit for naughty bits

Um, so… I can’t even… I’m still giggling over this ridiculous item. British Condom created a cock ring that tracks the data during intercourse. I’m not sure what you’d do with that data. If you’re seriously counting sex in your overall caloric expenditures, you’ve got a problem. Will this be a hazing opportunity? Does the saying “it’s not […]