#WTFWednesday #EchoLook The #Millennials BFF

Have you seen Amazon’s Echo Look now offers the ability to take selfies, video AND give you style recommendations? WTF? Have years of participation trophies now made it impossible for millennials to operate without external validation? I can see color blind people asking, Alexa, ‘what color is this?’ but honestly, I have never heard my color blind friend […]

WTF Wednesday – Why are there so many transvestites at Walmart and how do I keep missing them?

I recently came across pix of Walmartians with an interesting theme – there was butt crack, bathing suits, and transvestites. Now, I’m completely aware that we all have unfortunate wardrobe malfunctions, thus explaining the butt crack. The bathing suits — maybe they just needed something before heading to the beach. I mean, I’ve seen folks dressed like […]