The Fourth Christmas

A sweet romance that takes place in the San Juan Islands of Washington.  The story follows Aubrey Canter who fell in love when she was fourteen.  What happens when you meet your “perfect” match but it’s the wrong time?

Bree spends several years trying to get over what she hoped was just a school girls infatuation.  It wasn’t.  Eric is the only man she’ll ever love, he’s perfect for her except that he doesn’t want the same future she does.  She’s far too stubborn to give up her dreams.  It may take four Christmases for Eric to recognize that Aubrey is everything he needs, he can only hope she’ll forgive him.


When I was fourteen I caught Eric Thorsten kissing Rachel Wiggins behind the school.  The memory is burned into my brain because it was the very first time I felt jealousy.  I remember thinking, as I picked up the small rock and hurled it toward Eric’s back, that it was strange that I had gone fourteen years before feeling this.  I had never before felt so uncomfortable – helpless, hopeless, and angry all at the same time.  I managed to duck around the corner right when I saw the stone hit the small of his back, right above his belt.

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4th christmas audiobook cover


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