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I took an instagram class with Alana Albertson and it was amazing. You can too, just click here!

In one of the first lessons she suggested we find what we liked on other people's instagram feeds and I LOVED the puzzle, that slowly reveals itself over posts to be one cohesive collage.

Creative Market sells many puzzle templates with great art you can add premade for you. But for you DIY's who enjoy being artsy and have time, I made three templates in photoshop and saved them as jpgs and I'm uploading for you to use. If you don't have photoshop, gimp is a free alternative.

The templates are 1x3 (one row on instagram), 3x3 (a 9-square box), and 3x4 (a 12 square box). I've highlighted green in a checkered pattern to indicate the cut off lines for each post to help with placement of your artwork. Using your favorite photo/art software, use the template as the background layer, create a new layer for your images, and then turn off the background layer (so you don't see the green boxes) when you save it as a .jpg.

Once you've created your collage and saved it as a .jpg, head over to: https://postcron.com/image-splitter/en/

Select which template you're using and upload your file. It will automatically divide it into the photo posts AND number them.

I'm excited. This is just ONE thing I learned in Alana's class. If you're interested in growing your instagram audience, definitely TAKE HER CLASS!


Click here to get: 1x3 Instagram Puzzle Template

Click here to get:3x3 Instagram Puzzle Template

Click here to get: 3x4 Instagram Puzzle Template

Want an example? Head over to https://www.instagram.com/tobi.doyle/

Or Google "Instagram Puzzle"