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ProWriting Too, my bff….

My goal is that my next book is exponentially better than my last.  To that end, and to help my editor from wringing my neck, I have started using ProWritingAid as an add-in to Word, GoogleDocs, and sometimes online.  It’s addicting and I believe it encourages me to be a better writer.

I have become an affiliate of the program because I feel so strongly about it, which means if you sign up, I get a kick back.  Yup, shameless self-promotion here…

Try it – you’ll like it.  If you choose to buy it and use my link I get a couple of dollars and you get a program that nails you for using passive tense and adverbs too much.

Pro Writing Aid

Pro Writing Aid Editing Tool

Pro Writing Aid Writing Software

My favorite reference books….

Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi have a series of books that I LOVE!!!!

Emotional Amplifiers is a free book – and I love using it when editing because let’s face it, you can only have your alpha male grunt his displeasure so many times.

One of their newest books is the Emotional Wound Thesaurus. It’s a fabulous book for delving into your characters and their motivations.


They also wrote a pair of books on positive and negative traits that I use when developing my characters. It helps when defining the conflict between the hero and heroine to have an idea of their personalities and how they’ll respond to the conflict. Plus… it’s fun to read:)

They have books on settings, and I just purchased one on urban settings – I’m not referring to it as much as I do the others.

The final book that I absolutely love is the Emotional Thesaurus.

Jami Gold has wonderful resources on her website. I admit I love the beat sheets, and now I’m a plotter. My first books were completely pantsed, and I think plotting first helps me as a writer. Jami writes as well as mentors, and her blog has wonderful articles on everything from head hopping to dialogue tags.

I presented a powerpoint for surviving NaNoWriMo at Marshall University’s Drinko Library called “Embrace the Suck”. I hope you find it useful. Embrace-the-Suck-MU-Presentation

I have a very simple presentation on Goals, Motivation, and Conflict Here:

I really love Alicia Rasley’s Outline your Novel in Thirty Minutes. Her website is down, but here is the article.

The best resource I’ve found was Romance Writers of America and the many chapters that they have. I personally have joined the online groups Passionate Ink and Kiss of Death. By joining RWA you have access to workshops both online and in person and it is worth the investment.

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